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Frying Pan with Thermometer

Because you can.
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I'd like to know how hot my frying pan is. For reference purposes. I'd like a thermometer built into the handle. Is it too much to ask for?

My stomach is gurgling.

twitch, Aug 02 2007

Get a thermometer gun http://www.control3.com/4470p.htm
Works like a charm on frying pans. You'll even be able to see if it's unevenly heated. (I could show you right now, except the batteries have run down on mine.) [DrCurry, Aug 03 2007]

clips to the side of the pan http://www.chefscat...meter-deep-fry.aspx
[xandram, Aug 03 2007]

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       turn the gas on, twit!
po, Aug 02 2007

       I used to own an electric frying pan with a dial marked out in °C. From what I recall, normal cooking temperature was about 170-180°C, and the oil started to smoke at about 190°C.
Texticle, Aug 03 2007

       Haha,, that was funny... because I DO have a thermometer gun. or infrared thermometer. I'm not thinking of holstering it for my cooking sessions just yet. The laziest solution is always the best.
twitch, Aug 03 2007


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