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Human Window Box

ZZzzzzzzzz, tweet tweet tweet, AAAhhhhh!
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I love the outdoors and I love sleeping outside but unfortunately I live in a flat. Having no access to a garden or balcony means that I cannot sleep alfresco during the week and have to toss and turn in a hot, stuffy room instead of peacefully slumbering under the stars until being woken up by the pale rays of morning sunlight tickling my eyelids.

Looking at my window box plants and thinking "lucky sods" I began to wonder if this would work:

A huuuuuge window box of the bracketted variety into which I could load a pillow, a blanket and myself in that order. Then I would awake refreshed in body and spirit, ready to face the rest of my day in a hot, stuffy room.

squeak, Jul 04 2003

How about this? http://www.craftycr...edding_cabooze.html
All you need is a larger one of these and some poles extending from the building... [silverstormer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

or this... http://www.paulpiana.com/Gallery/bivy.jpg
[silverstormer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Baked for babies in the 1930s https://www.google....?q=baby+window+cage
[notexactly, Dec 07 2019]


       lucky sod! hah
po, Jul 04 2003

squeak, Jul 04 2003

       I am hoping that this would be fitted with some kind of fall arrest system in order to prevent the inevitable sleep walking casualties?
bluesz, Jul 04 2003

       Well, you're down inside a big box so it'd be a bit tricky to get out when you're asleep if you're just used to swinging your legs out of bed. Retractable ladder/steps perhaps?
squeak, Jul 04 2003

       Very nice. Probably best used in areas (a) far from main roads, (b) far from the sea (c) not too far north lest the never-setting sun spoil your slumber.
my face your, Jul 04 2003

       Sounds like you need a hammock.
DrCurry, Jul 04 2003

       a sort of flower bed eh?
po, Jul 04 2003

       it'd be like Lenin on a windowsill
slapdash loser, Jul 04 2003

       I guess you don't have access to a fire escape. That's where you traditionally sleep during urban heatwaves.   

       //it'd be like Lenin on a windowsill//   

snarfyguy, Jul 04 2003

       This would help wallflowers get out a little more.
FarmerJohn, Jul 04 2003

       As always, someone can sell accessories for this idea. +
sartep, Jul 04 2003

       //Lenin on a windowsill// Good one! (Lenin's Tomb is translucent)
thumbwax, Jul 04 2003

       Ah so.
snarfyguy, Jul 04 2003

       I have a balcony. Does that make this baked if I put my bed out there? I would wake up covered in pidgeon sh*t but I guess nature is harsh as well as wonderful.
Nickynackynoo, Jul 04 2003

       //I would wake up covered in pidgeon sh*t //   

       Not if you attach [silverstormer]'s ferret bag. You'll wake up covered in pigeon gore.
FloridaManatee, Jul 05 2003

       What about falling objects, people above washing their windows, falling cigarettes stubs etc?? Would not make for a good sleep would it?
nickW, Jul 05 2003

       Would sure make assasinations easier.   

       Please attach large self-inflating emergency cushions under each side. +
k_sra, Jul 05 2003

       Yeah [nickynackynoo] it does. But I don't have a balconey see. That's the whole reason for the window box. [snarfguy] Neither do I have access to a fire escape.   

       [tombomb] I used to live in a great place that had 2 metre thick walls and toyed with the idea of building a bed into the window niche. Had to move out before it came to fruition though (boo).Would have been nice though.   

       [NickW] Thankfully, I live on the top floor. I hear ya though. Humm..I'll have to think about that one. Though the number of people washing their windows at night should be negligable unless they're compulsive/obsessive insomniacs.
squeak, Jul 07 2003

       Thanks for the linkies [silverstormer] but with both of those I'd be inside again. I want to be in the open air. Is that second one for real or just taken from a funny angle?
squeak, Jul 07 2003

       It's for real. Angle? nearly straight down.
RayfordSteele, Jul 07 2003

       Just thought I'd give you an update. After sweating in a sweltering flat for the last 30 odd nights, I did something about it yesterday. Left work and drove straight down to the river, stripped off, jumped in, had a barby and a few beers (cooled in river, natch), slept under the open sky (saw 6 shooting stars and the milky way for the first time in ages), listening to the grasshoppers fiddling, owls toowit toowooing and fish splashing ( and mozzies whining but hey, you can't have it all). Woke up this morning, jumped in river, jumped out again pretty sharpish as was v. chilly around the nethers and then drove to work. Am feeling peaceful, benign to my fellow human beings and have not yet started sweating. Rapture.
squeak, Aug 07 2003

wagster, Oct 23 2005

       Yes but I bet he's swearing again by now.
hidden truths, Oct 23 2005


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