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Full-Floor House Maze

Tiled maze!
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Using two different colors of tiles, you could make a full-floor maze that goes through the entire house.

That way, if you are bored, you could try to get out of the bedroom maze onto the (connected) hallway maze, and then onto the (again, connected) kitchen mze, nd grab yourself a bite!

DesertFox, May 30 2006

Wolfram Mathworld on Heesch Number http://mathworld.wo...m/HeeschNumber.html
Mathworld [kevinthenerd, May 30 2006]


       sounds like my home when i haven't cleaned and i have to jump over piles of clothes. oh, except for the connections part.
sweet, May 30 2006

       This sounds like an idea I had. I wanted to use a weird tessellation as floor tile. Even cooler, I thought about using a pattern that can only be partially tessellated, like a Heesch pattern. (See the Mathworld link.)
kevinthenerd, May 30 2006


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