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Gel Floor

Soft, squishy floor
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Floors are always the same. Covered in some tile, wood or other hard substance. I want a floor that is a soft gel like substance. The gel would be incased in a durable membrane of some sort, either trasnparent with colored gel inside or a flat color. It would have to be durable enough not to be punctured or cut too easily. Or only reccomended for low trafic areas. Maybe the bathroom? I picture myself steping out of the shower onto a nice soft squishy (and possibly warm) floor.

I would not want it to be a liquid because of the potential for a mess, but a semi solid gel, then it can be cut and laid like regular flooring.

AUGGIE, Oct 17 2006

memory foam http://www.sunmatec.../art%20projects.htm
[xandram, Oct 17 2006]

Search for "gel floor" http://www.giftssee.../Gel_Floor_Mat.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 17 2006]

Living Surfaces™ Liquid Lava™ Floor Tiles http://jockimo.com/prod-livingfloor.html
Not squishy to the touch, but interesting to look at. [jutta, Aug 11 2008]


       This was a recent art exhibit somewhere that did exactly this. It was made out of that new matress foam stuff.
zen_tom, Oct 17 2006

       Can you give anymore details about it? Did the exhibit have a name? Also do you know what the "new matress foam stuff" is called? Thanks
AUGGIE, Oct 17 2006

       [+], i like this.
webfishrune, Oct 17 2006

       [AUGGIE] Unfortunately I'd completely forgotten all the details, even Google couldn't remind me - thankfully however, it looks like [xandram] has a much better memory than I!
zen_tom, Oct 17 2006

       That pudgee foam looks cool, but not what I was thinking of. I want it to be more gel like, and a smooth membrane that you can not grab and pull with your toes. Some kind of smooth surface that can be wiped with ease. Picture one of those masks that you chill in the fridge then wear over your eyes for night time, now picture that colored liquid to be a gel like substance. Something along those lines.   

       Maybe it is baked already, if so, I want it.
AUGGIE, Oct 17 2006

       Ok, but you'll have to lay them like tiles. [link]   

       I would like to hear more about this as well DesertFox. I guess there are certain traits in others that we reconize to be in ourselves. I will read over some of your posts to see if I get the same feeling. Later.
AUGGIE, Oct 17 2006

       Ahhh dammit, I hit delete on DesertFox post. Can you leave your comments again. Sorry
AUGGIE, Oct 17 2006


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