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Full Body Tattoo

The tattoo that you'll never regret getting.
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Alot of people I know always have the hardest time figuring out what to get tattooed. They want more tattooes, but can't decide on anything. Many have picked things and later regretted getting that specific design.

Well, a solution has arrived for those poor, pain-craving types out there. Full body tattoing. Using a scale photograph of your naked body, a tattoo artist fills in all the colors and details of the subjects body in blazing color. Though this may take years of delicate work, anyone looking for a long lasting piece of art, as well as further depth to your image, would willingly consider this option.

Benifit in the long run: Once everything starts sagging, the original image will change with the body.

Underdrunk, May 03 2002

Skin dye ink-jet http://www.halfbake...kin_20dye_20ink-jet
[phoenix, May 03 2002]

a page on tattoo.com's site http://tattoos.com/jane/steve/toc.htm
Here, you will find some history of tattooing [1kester, May 03 2002]


pottedstu, May 03 2002

       I'm not sure if you want people to get full body tattoos of themselves or full body tattoos, complete with designs. I'd regret getting a tattoo of myself on myself because it would be a waste of money. In any case, full body tattoos have been around for hundreds of years.
1kester, May 03 2002

       I don't quite follow you. Is this tattoo applied to your body or to a picture of your body or what ? Are you tattooing a picture of your body on your body ?   

       //Once everything starts sagging, the original image will change with the body// Is this some mixed up reference to "The Picture of Dorian Gray" ?   

       Maybe you over estimated your [underdrunk]edness when you wrote this ?
half, May 03 2002

       Just double check the tattoo artist has the picture right side up.
spartanica, May 03 2002

       'I want to get a tattoo of myself on my entire body, only 2" taller.' -- Steven Wright
bonkers777, Dec 31 2008


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