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Gypsum Henna Tattoo

Nonpermanent tattoo that glows under UV.
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By mixing gypsum into a henna tattoo, the tattoo can be nonpermanent but still have a strong color, and also will glow blue under UV light, for extra fun at parties.

Other iterations include calcite (red/purple), Willemite (greenish), or fluorite (again, purple).

shapu, May 24 2006

I'm all for this idea, but I have to engage in - Vanity_20in_20Vein
- a shameless self-promotion [normzone, May 24 2006]


       highlighter tattoo. Gypsum =/= henna.
sninctown, May 24 2006

       [+] Can you make 'em holographic?
kuupuuluu, May 24 2006

shapu, May 24 2006

       Very nice. A bun from my daughter (the henna queen), too. She's a gifted artist. I bought her a kit last year and became the first canvas. She put a croissant / fishbone yin-yang on my shoulder. This would go over big.
Shz, May 24 2006


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