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Drivers License

tattoo's for over 21 folk
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An invisible tattoo somewhere on the body that authenticates that you are over the age of 21 for the drinking and gambling purposes. Of course this is endorsed by the DMV. It should also be impossible to forge because it will be specially designed for each person like a fingerprint.
impish_delight, Apr 16 2002

frink rules! http://www.lowb.org/alan/frink/
[mihali, Apr 16 2002]

the definitive frink http://www.internerd.com/frinky/
for all of you frink lovers out there [mihali, Apr 16 2002]


       Might lead to some amusing road incidents:   

       [You:] Sure, officer, I've got my drivers' license right here... <zzzzip!>
jester, Apr 16 2002

       scared of needles! but besides that, not all places have the same driving/drinking ages. BC is 16 and 18. Ontario is 16 and 19 (which means although you can vote at 18 you can't frink to celebrate the win). Stating something is impossible to forge is just begging someone to forge it.
rbl, Apr 16 2002

       Would this be anything like those already baked implant chips?   

       <freaky religious tangent> It wouldn't it happen to have anything resembling the mark of the beast, would it?</freaky religious tangent>
RayfordSteele, Apr 16 2002

       maybe if youre a nazi
j450n, Apr 16 2002

       well it could be adjusted for those who live in places that the drinking age is different, and besides that's part of the beauty of having it customed to each person
impish_delight, Apr 16 2002

       // you can't frink //   

       That should mean something really profound.
waugsqueke, Apr 16 2002

       I frink therefore I am - quite awfully frunk.
po, Apr 16 2002

       evidently I was! frunk that is. more typos for po to chase after......
rbl, Apr 16 2002

       Calling it a "Drivers License" confuses an important distinction. Reaching a certain age that could be denoted by the tattoo does, in most societies, allow the individual to choose whether to drink or gamble, etc., but does not allow one to choose to drive. Driving privileges require the additional demonstration of a specific level of competence and responsibility.
beauxeault, Apr 16 2002

       I suspect, in Vancouver, that privilege is granted on some random lottery basis. it can't be from //demonstration of a specific level of competence and responsibility//
rbl, Apr 16 2002

       re: frink   

       see link
mihali, Apr 16 2002

       mihali- thanks, once again I have learned that the internet knows, sees and explains all. even typos.
rbl, Apr 16 2002

       rbl is possibly one of those infamous little monkeys with a typewriter that eventually comes up with something perfectly composed in English.
po, Apr 16 2002

       Alternatively (since that last jab seems a bit condescending) perhaps rbl possesses an awesome psychic talent involving subconscious hyperdimensional literacy. Ya just never know.
Dog Ed, Apr 17 2002

       quite right too, Dog Ed, that never crossed my mind at all!
po, Apr 17 2002

       How would this tattoo authenticate anything if it's invisible?
angel, Apr 17 2002

       Black light.
neelandan, Apr 17 2002

       Fun to photocopy, though.
waugsqueke, Apr 23 2002

       This is a great idea.. if you're looking to stop underage drinking. But frankly, some of us like forging our IDs to get into places we shouldn't be. Think of the innocent criminals, man!
zaza the amazon, Oct 26 2004


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