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Full Contact Curling

Turn curling from tiddlywinks on ice into a sport worth watching
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Two three man teams face off in the most thrilling game on ice -- full contact curling!

All team members are armed with brooms as they attempt to move their three stones into scoring positions, while keeping their opponent's stones out of the color. All the stones are on ice at once, along with all six players.

The game is played in four three minute periods, with the scoring occuring when the clock ticks to zero. Do you push all your men down court and try to defend your stones in the scoring zone? Do you leave a man back to push out the opponent's stones? Are you quick enough to put your own stones in place and make a last minute dash to wreck your opponent's score?


1) players can bump, block, and set screens for other players. They cannot use their hands, feet, or the brooms to initiate contact.

2) stones must be fired toward the target from behind the line at your end of the court. Opponents can use brooms -- but not feet -- to interfer with the stone's path.

3) a stone that lands or is pushed outside the scoring zone must be taken back behind the line before it can be launched again.

Are you tough enough for... curling?

Devilstower, Apr 07 2006


       next... Overarm Curling
hippo, Apr 07 2006

       Think of the advantages: the game court is small, the time frame is short, teams take only six, and the equipment is fairly cheap   

       A game that's active and can involve some adults while their kids are at endless hockey practices.
Devilstower, Apr 07 2006

       anything's better than squidball. +1
po, Apr 07 2006

       You're curling dead squid, right?
methinksnot, Apr 07 2006

       //anything's better than squidball.// +
S1, Apr 07 2006

       //They cannot use their hands, feet, or the brooms to initiate contact.//   

       Boo! Hiss! That's not REAL full-contact!   

       Make it REAL full contact, and I'll give it a bun. I'll stay neutral, for now.
DesertFox, Apr 07 2006

       I baked this with my friends. We called it "Kung-Fu Curling", and just added a lot of stupidity and martial arts. We got kicked out of the curling place after Mr. Tough picked up a curling stone and threw it at the spectators (in all fairness, he was aiming at me, and I slid away), something nearly impossible to do without breaking your back. We got banned, but we still have the video of the fight (the bumpy ice gave it a grip, and yet it was slippery.) Awesome, but stupid and potentially lethal.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 08 2007

       But apart from that, [rcarty], you think it'd work?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 08 2007

       X SportY   

       Sailing Basketball   

       Superball Ping Pong   

       Penis Fencing   

       Caber Sledding   

       Full Contact Chess   

       Frisbee Football   

       Horse Man Chimp Rhesus Recursive Jousting
nomocrow, Oct 09 2007

       <Alan Partridge> Monkey Tennis? </AP>
jtp, Oct 09 2007

       Hey! Don't you make fun of Horse Man Chimp Rhesus Recursive Jousting. There's a lot more skill in it than you might think, and they wear no protective clothing apart from the scrotal net. Plus the charity matches raise a lot of cash for a lot of good causes. Shame on you.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 09 2007


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