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Skateboarding on ice
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Take your average skateboard, remove the wheels and weld/bolt ice skate blades in place of the wheels. take the board to an ice skating rink and pull off skateboard tricks

Ice skating rinks could be built with ice halfpipes and ramps and skate style objects, to avoid ending up with a soggy board wooden decks could be replaced with metal or plastic boards


orangeclark, Oct 13 2006

Ice Skateboard http://www.frontier...sman/ice%20toys.htm
Here's an example of the modified skateboard, about halfway down the page. This particular version is designed to be used with a sailwing or kite on an open pond or frozen lake for windskating. [jurist, Oct 13 2006]

Ice Surfing (or more accurately, surfing in ice) http://www.2imagine...er2005/icesurf.html
Complete with video. Talk about a die hard surfer! [DrCurry, Oct 14 2006]

Windsurfing on ice http://www.hlcc.org/surfice.htm
[DrCurry, Oct 14 2006]

Windsurfing on ice without the board http://wintermt.com/other/icesailing.htm
I dunno, does that still count as surfing? Don't think so. [DrCurry, Oct 14 2006]


       sp: viola   

       And having made that crappy (but obligatory) joke, I feel obliged to bun this.
moomintroll, Oct 13 2006

       This exact thing has been baked a number of times, most notably by the members of 'jackass'.
fridge duck, Oct 13 2006

       Look at him! Look! I've just seen someone post an idea, include the word voila, and spell it correctly! (Ok, so the accent has been missed out, but that scarcely matters...) [+] and the idea's good too.
david_scothern, Oct 13 2006

       If there's no accent key on my keyboard, there's no accent in my speech. I'm an Amurkin, dammit!
shapu, Oct 13 2006

       Me and my brothers made ice surfer in 70's in Finland. We used long skates out of kicksled, welded a 1200mm X 2000mm platform on top about 150mm high from and a frame to hold a sail.   

       We did know nothing about windsurfing at the time but steering was done excactly the same way shifting body to the front or back to turn.   

       Tacking was done like on small sailboat by ducking under the sail. Sail was secured to a frame with adjustable piece rope to vary tacking angle.   

       It achieved speeds close to 100 Km/h on clear lake ice but was useles when the snow came on top of the ice.   

       Never seen anything like it been done. I might make a sketch and a blog to get someone to make them? Not much use here in New Zealand as lakes don't freeze over in winter.
Pellepeloton, Oct 13 2006

       Found a link for you - looks like other people have followed in your pioneering footsteps.
DrCurry, Oct 14 2006

       Also enjoyable is buying a brick of ice from the corner store, setting a towel down it, and riding down the hill.   

       Old clothes recommended.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 24 2007


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