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Ice Pool

Curling and pool, together at last
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Almost everyone hates the part of curling where there aren't things crashing into each other. all the waiting and strategizing and waiting for the other team to get their drunken selves off the ice to throw their rock. But, what if, instead of one target, there were six, in each corner of an area about the size of a hockey rink plus one on each long side, and the targets were indented about a centemetre so that rocks could go in but not out. Then increase the number of rocks.The players could wear speed skates and carry what would amount to long handled plungers without the suction. To get the rocks moving they would charge and then push. It could be played with two players or with teams. play in turns, then whichever team sinks the most of their rocks wins.
schematics, May 06 2004

Whipped Ice Jumping Inspired by [lurch]'s anno. [Worldgineer, Dec 30 2005]


       A smashing idea! Another rock in the old icehole.

Another thought... could the rink be grotesqely oversized so that Volkswagen Beetles could be used as both impetus and target objects?
justaguy, May 06 2004

       sure! go for it!
schematics, May 06 2004

       why play in turns? whats wrong with full contact?
swimr, May 06 2004

       I thought they're called stones.
FarmerJohn, May 07 2004

       This would be fun. Breaking could be a problem.   

       Sounds good. +
k_sra, May 07 2004

       Why not just play the game of pool on a full sized ice-rink using curling stones? The stones would be coloured and numbered as in the game of pool. There would be 6 'pockets' in the usual locations around the rink. Could also be done for snooker.
Stingray, Dec 30 2005

       I would really like to see a curling squad play crack-the-whip, and just throw the stone for distance. Could require a lake as playing surface.
lurch, Dec 30 2005

       Isn't curling simply an excuse for canadians who want to get drunk and sit on a bench? This could only improve it.
humanbean, Dec 31 2005

JesusHChrist, Dec 31 2005


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