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Word salad dressing

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Quite a few ideas on the HB are quite clearly word salad.

Salad on its own is rather boring and unpalatable.

There is a need for the HB to make available a range of verbal condiments, dressings and other items to garnish word salad and make it more attractive to a jaded palate.

This is not a call-for-list. It is a suggestion that when annotating word salad, the complementary nature of the annotation is indicated.

8th of 7, Oct 15 2017


       Greek-flavored, naturally.
RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2017

       If I remember rightly, the longest recorded word in classical greek is the name of a salad (consisting of all the ingredients concatenated). I don't suppose that's what you meant, though.
pertinax, Oct 15 2017

       No, because it's not the salad itself (besides, that would be [m-f-d, recipe]).   

       It's the stuff you add to a salad to make it more attractive, like adding vodka to fruit juice.
8th of 7, Oct 15 2017

       Mmm ... vodka salad. I mean, people have done vodka jellies. Maybe iced vodka would go into a gazpacho on a hot day, though that's technically a soup. A bloody mary is almost a vodka salad dressing. And if you dialled down the sweetness, you might dress a potato salad with a sort of white russian.
pertinax, Oct 15 2017

8th of 7, Oct 15 2017

       Na zdarovye.
pertinax, Oct 15 2017


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