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Hair Depot or Hair and There!

Too much hair? not enough? see us!
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combine back to back hair removal clinic and hair transplant clinic, the longest strands are donated to wigs for cancer patients but the shorter ones are collected and redistributed. true recycling!
Arcanus, Dec 23 2009

to implant hair the follicles must be healthy http://www.hairtran...plantation-faqs.asp
[dentworth, Jun 07 2010]


       There are back hair removal clinics?   

       yep they will remove hair from anywhere, and put it almost anywhere too.
Arcanus, Jun 07 2010

       well, generally hair removal is done by laser and that kills the follicles. Thus rendering the hair unusable for transplant.
dentworth, Jun 07 2010

       Those shorter hairs could even be used to assist with oil spills due to the incredible ability of hair to absorb endless amounts of oils, recycling and saving the environment all in one delicious package? perhaps it could then when fully soaked become some form of biofuel? Hmmmmmmm *shaves head* [+]
ComatoseSheep, Jun 10 2010


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