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Hair raisers haircuts

for people who don't care about their hair
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Sometimes children want to earn some money, appart from 50p pocket money. So how about a hairdressing salon run by kids, the haircuts would be cheaper than normal and very unusual . Only suitable for people who like to live dangerously, and looking for a totally new style.
gizmo, Dec 20 2001


       You go first. I'm afraid they'd mess up my Mullet.
phoenix, Dec 20 2001

       A kid with scissors could do more than just ruin your hair. They could kill!
pottedstu, Dec 20 2001

       This'd be just like the old days, when you could get a trim and phlebotomy without making two stops.
Monkfish, Dec 20 2001

       (Image: One of the little kids sweeping up ears and noses into a big mound at the end of a workday.)
Monkfish, Dec 21 2001

       I dunno, my kids can create some pretty stunning styles given a tub of gel and a hairdryer. They have also created some lovely crooked fringes when trying the secret haircut method.
arora, Dec 21 2001

       Hang on a minute, we're talking about children here - not monkeys with Parkinson's disease. What makes you all think that a child, say of about 12 years old, would be any more dangerous with a pair of scissors than a fully grown adult. They may not be in a position to give you a top notch designer 'do' but I think they could be trusted not to stab you in the eye, and the crudeness and unpredictability of the haircut could have some interesting results, especially when you add the fact that children generally have less tarnished imaginative qualities than many adults.
stupop, Dec 21 2001

       How old was Edward Scissorhands?
pottedstu, Dec 21 2001

       I would love to give somebody I'm forced to buy Christmas presents for, that I don't really like, a gift certifacate to this place. Maybe I wouldn't have to buy them a gift next year?
jimithing, Dec 21 2001

       not so sure I don't fancie looking Vangough.
alexo, Dec 22 2001


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