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Fully Automatic Pencil

Dispense graphite without repeatedly pressing the trigger
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You know you're frustrated with people who repeatedly click those clicky-pens. And mechanical pencils fall into the same category of annoyance. You know the user is only trying to get more lead out, but it's still so clicky! So why not make a pencil that takes care of itself, like a ball-point pen does.

The Fully Automatic pencil uses a revolutionary new brand of technology to dispense graphite while you write! No more clicking, no more sharpening, and as easy to erase or refill as always.

Ayelis, Jun 23 2006

do you mean one of these? http://www.dickblick.com/zz206/01/
[xandram, Jun 23 2006]

Closer to this... http://www.dickblick.com/zz206/51/
Retractable is a step closer. Retract itself while you're not holding it maybe? [Ayelis, Jun 23 2006]

(?) Posessed Pen http://www.flypentop.com/
The pen that writes, adds, and spellchecks for you. [Ayelis, Jun 23 2006]


       Do you mean that the pencil can put its own lead in? //a pencil that takes care of itself//
xandram, Jun 23 2006

       No push-buttons. And it doesn't put it's own lead in as much as push it's own lead out, without having to press any buttons. The pencil somehow senses the act of writing, and either uses that pressure to push lead out, or does it mechanically with watch batteries.
Ayelis, Jun 23 2006

       Does it come with a spell check?
phundug, Jun 23 2006

       You're thinking of "The Fly" Pentop Computer. I wasn't thinking anything as advanced as that. Just a simple "auto-sharpening" pencil.
Ayelis, Jun 23 2006

       how about one that has the tip set in a spiral channel in the pencil. When you need more lead you push the tip of the pencil on your paper, the tip goes into the pencil compressing a spring, when you remove the tip from the paper the spiral design slowly release the spring bringing forth the new section of lead....not fully automatic, but possible and not annoying to those nearby
tatmkr, Jun 23 2006

       similar to a paint marker idea where you depress to get the paint flowing
tatmkr, Jun 23 2006

       ok I just spent 40 minutes playing with that pen on the link, pretty cool stuff
tatmkr, Jun 23 2006

       I recall seeing adverts for a pencil like this about ten years ago. The catchphrase was something like, "Give your thumb a rest." I think I bought and used one, and found it annoying.
baconbrain, Jun 24 2006

       What did you find annoying about it? It can't have been "damn, now I have nothing to do with my thumb, every twenty minutes," can it?
jutta, Jun 24 2006

       I like to twiddle with thumb, but he does not play with me/us any more...
po, Jun 24 2006

       What I didn't like was that the lead wobbled, then jumped out a fraction more every time I lifted the point. I print very small, and it distracted me.   

       I always have something I can do with my thumb, but the nuns wouldn't let me do it in class.   

       [po], well said.
baconbrain, Jun 25 2006

       Oh, this is fully backed idea. Faber Castell is having a automatic clutch pencil which just slides lead while you are writing. The mechanism is designed such a way that the pressure you are using while writing is enough to slide the lead to required length. It just appears like a normal clutch pencil but acts like a ballpen. Only thing is you have to fill the leads. It uses a rotary mechanism instead of clutch mechanism used in regular clutch pencils. Normally available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm with refillable leads.
drizzlein, Jun 25 2006


       I am Mr.Wang, from Lio Enterprise Ltd. in China We have already invented the fully automatic pencil exactly as you have imagined. I'd like to know who will be interested in our product. I have photos and samples for your choice. And I will explain it to you.   

       Best regards Wang
LIOENT, Nov 27 2006

       OK, my e-mail address is WLJEXP@VIP.163.COM Welcome to discuss with me if you have further interest.   

       Best regards Wang/Lio Enterprise Ltd.
LIOENT, Nov 27 2006


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