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Fun Monkey Drop Service

A Great Gift for Friends and Enemies
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I could imagine no better gift for a friend then a video of his/her apartment being ransacked by a squad of monkeys wearing helmet cams and wielding excrement.

Monkey Drop Service - How it would work.

You would call Monkey Drop with the name and address of the "recipient" and a day and time that he/she would not be home. At least two hours would be best.

The Monkey Drop van would arrive at the recipient's domicile. A tube would deploy from the side of the van and extend to a convenient window. The monkeys, wearing wireless helmet cams, would then be deployed through the tube and cause untold havoc on the content of the recipient's apartment for the allotted time. Upon expiration of the time, a signal (a bell or buzzer) will then call the trained monkeys back to the van. Five days later, an edited film of the monkey drop complete with suitable sound dubbing will be delivered to either the recipient or the customer who ordered the drop.

Monkey Drops could be "given" as birthday gifts, Valentines (as opposed to hideous singing telegrams), anniversary gifts, in recognition of a good job or to your parents to thank them for giving you life and comfort for all those years. Or perhaps you could "give" a monkey drop to an ex-wife/husband, work supervisor, noisy neighbor.

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love monkeys and the mayhem they can bring!

phazed, Mar 24 2002


       Sounds more like Public:Evil to me.
phoenix, Mar 24 2002

       sounds like Public:Evil to me too
onesandtwos, Jun 21 2002

       Sounds like someone has been doing this to me every Friday night I go to the pub for the last few years. Where are my videos ? The mail service can't be that bad, surely ?
8th of 7, Jun 21 2002

       Get a Croissant (just don't mind the monkey spit on it) for the surreal image of a bunch of apes messing up a house
Saruman, Jul 09 2002

       Would they wear clothes, like in the infamous 'Brooke Bond' adverts? If so, they could be dressed appropriately for the occassion - suits for something a little more formal, Santa outfits at Christmas, or, for something a bit more 'international', the national dress of the recipient.
gizmo_man, Jul 09 2002

       i know what you mean!! all i want for xmas this year is a video of monkeys yrashing my house!   


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