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Monkey Juggling Trainer

automated monkey juggling system
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Someone should make an automated monkey juggling trainer robot that incrementally teaches - with the help of a human trainer -- a monkey to juggle, using ball catching arms, ball throwing arms, and reward giving arms. Essentially this would encourage the monkey, using rewards, to step from some at-ease position, incrementally, through moving towards first throwing a ball, then catching a ball, then juggling. Automated monkey juggling robots could be used for many other interesting purposes, i am sure gigantic corporate and research funders will realize.
JesusHChrist, Oct 19 2013

you can start here: http://phys.org/new...ot-balls-video.html
[xandram, Oct 21 2013]


       Your title suffers from syntactic ambiguity.
Alterother, Oct 19 2013

       I prefer to think of it as going back to the roots of language representation before punctuation
JesusHChrist, Oct 19 2013

       When I first read the title, I thought it might be one of two possible ideas:   

       A monkey juggling a trainer, or   

       a trainer juggling monkeys.   

       Dang. Both wrong. This is why I don't go on game shows.
Grogster, Oct 19 2013

       And it's not a junkie mugging retainer either.
swimswim, Oct 20 2013

       Someone who trains you how to juggle monkeys??
the porpoise, Oct 21 2013

       Well, you ruined your own idea by adding the statement://with the help of a human trainer// therefore not really needing the robot, unless the robot is a monkey.
xandram, Oct 21 2013

       //Your title suffers from syntactic ambiguity.//

I wouldn't say it suffers...
Voice, Oct 22 2013

       This machine should be first used to teach monkeys, while laying on their backs, to throw balls up in the air and then catch them. After doing this myself for the last several months it is clear to me that this is how monkeys have learned to hunt well for at least the last 1.8 million years or so. How could that not be common knowledge? Anyway, monkeys should be trained to do this so that we can study how it effected our own development. This probably would have also been the most consistent reason for us to study and measure the sky -- throwing the ball up in the air and learning to aim it.
JesusHChrist, Nov 10 2013


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