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Fun shaped old folks vitamins

Kids have 'em, why not grandma?
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Children's vitamins often come in fun shapes - sometimes to the chagrin of safety experts who worry kids will eat too many of them. But grownups know better and should be allowed some fun.

Suggested shapes - fly, spider*, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow, and horse - of course.

* The spider will be a multi-vitamin made in layers, with a bicarbonate of soda core. So when it dissolves and starts to fizz in the old lady's tummy, it will wriggle and jiggle and tickle inside her.

a1, Feb 13 2024

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zQHmZMf6zwo [a1, Feb 13 2024]


       [+] for the bicarbonate of soda core.
pertinax, Feb 13 2024

       Grave stones and scythes?
Voice, Feb 13 2024

       I was hoping at least one person would curse me for getting the song stuck in their head.
a1, Feb 13 2024

       Okay genius - tell me how you swallow that cow.
Loris, Feb 13 2024

       "I don't know how she swallowed the cow."
a1, Feb 13 2024

       //[+] for the bicarbonate of soda core// Oh yes, us 'old folks' (ie: anyone over 30, according to Biological Imperative) have difficulties digesting, so by the time the vitamin is masticated and swallowed, it's an ideal solution (ha).
Sgt Teacup, Feb 13 2024

       <---- TY
whatrock, Feb 14 2024

       I'm not convinced that the horse pills are a good idea. They might be a bit... terminal.
Loris, Feb 14 2024

       If you want them to sell you’ll make ‘em in the various sizes, shapes and configurations of sex toys.
minoradjustments, Feb 14 2024

       I think [Loris] is the only one who got the joke, or everyone else is studiously avoiding it...
a1, Feb 14 2024

       //everyone else is studiously avoiding it// I'll take 'avoid' for 500, Alex.   

       But I do see clever ad opportunities: serious, fedora-wearing film noir detective asking 'But why? WHY would she swallow the goat?!' gazing at the chalk outline of a very small goat, and one high-heeled shoe upturned on the pavement.   

       No worse than those US ads where coffee shop patrons bandy about a trade-name drug without ever giving us a clue what it's for.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 14 2024

       // WHY would she swallow the goat? //   

       "She swallowed the goat to catch the dog..."
a1, Feb 14 2024

       //I think [Loris] is the only one who got the joke, or everyone else is studiously avoiding it...//   

       I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for being obnoxious.
Loris, Feb 14 2024

       What joke?
pocmloc, Feb 15 2024


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