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Long shooting can adaptor heads

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Pranksters! Collegiates! Like silly string but hate the environmental impact of nonbiodegradable string? Like shave cream but have difficulty getting it where you like - like on the head of that guy from downstairs?

BUNGCO to the rescue! Order our Shooting Can Adaptor Heads, load up and head off with your raiding party. Our hydrodynamic physicists know about velocity and diameter and things like that, and they have devised plastic can tops for spray cans with long, narrow tips. The result: instead of a fluffy handful of cream you get a long and directable stream of foam: long enough to decorate with! Once your can is exhausted, pop off the top, pop it on a new can and you're good to go.

A six pack of can tops will provide one for each type of pressurized can you're likely to need: shave cream, whipped cream, and our favorite here, Easy Cheese! Nothing says "I love you" like a smattering of high speed Easy Cheese.

Order today, and feel good about the environment!

bungston, Oct 16 2007

WD40 http://www.expediti.../sema2005%20150.jpg
[xenzag, Oct 16 2007]


       finally! a product i can stand behind. far, far behind.
k_sra, Oct 16 2007

       We made these for our senior picnic in high school. Take a safety pin and ram it in the spout, then melt the spout around said safety pin and remove the pin. It works beautifully. [+] for a commercially available version which doesn't require so much prep work.
bleh, Oct 16 2007

       There is a much easier way - just swap the nozzle with one from a deodorant spray. (works for most cans - not sure about some of the more recent ones that have fancy all-over plastic nozzly caps; but the basic aerosol can and integral valve are the same in all of them).
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 16 2007

       I was aware of the safety pin mod. I was reminded this morning after some dried shave cream produced a similar effect. It seems that a longer barrel would help with accuracy. I have not seen anything of this sort for whipped cream or easy cheese.
bungston, Oct 16 2007

       The WD40 tube is a bit wide - you'd lose most of your velocity. Seriously, go try an antiperspirant nozzle on a shaving foam can.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 16 2007


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