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Science + Art = Fun,Fun,Fungia!
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Not sure what to get that child or teenager who has it all, yet says they are interested in nothing?

This interdisciplinary educational toy allows almost anyone to experience the whimsical nature of fungus on pre-fabricated material to create such fun characters as 'Oyster Mushroom Deer' and 'Bread Mold Man'. Let your imagination go wild in 'Hallucination Station' with crazy, fungal covered trains.

Simply spread the spores using the fungal growth mix, place Fungia! in a dark, dank place, (teenager's room, attic, cellar) water according to your Fungia!'s needs, wait patiently and let the magical shapes and colors of your fungus unfold before your very eyes.

Yes, similar to the Chia, but no sprouts. Maybe for the 'When Chia's go bad' product line.

mystified, Feb 06 2003

Um, Baked http://www.medicalseeds.com/mushkit.html
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Do a little Googling on "home mushroom kits" and you will find fungus galore.
DrCurry, Feb 06 2003

       So? If you search for "wheatgrass kit" you will find sprouts galore. Should that have stopped Joseph Enterprises from making the mighty Chia?
Verdstein, Feb 06 2003

       mmmmmmm.... fungas.
freshferret, Feb 06 2003

       Chia Funguy Fungia: Spore toupee
Fun Gaia Fungia: Psilocybin the population of earth into a lasting peace

       "Psilocybin Laced Hippie" - a new fun character!
cameron, Feb 07 2003


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