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You are making a matsutake

The elusive pine mushroom farmer.
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The elusive pine mushroom can only be found for a few days out of an average year and I have seen them reach prices as high as one hundred dollars a pound for number ones, (closed veil and no defects), during years when they are harder to find.
I have been told, and can't find any evidence to refute, that many have tried but pine mushrooms can not be farmed.
Being the curious little fellow that I am I wondered why, and think I may have figured it out. During the years I still went picking I noticed that if you found a patch you could find another if you kept to the same elevation. I think that this is not because of light levels, precipitation, proximity of plants they like, (they are called pine mushrooms for a reason), or even the absence of harmful insects although I am sure all of these things factor in. No, I think that the reason no one has successfully farmed them is that they will only grow at certain air pressures.

So the idea is to set up a small weather station at a location where there is an existing patch and for an entire year keep daily notes on climate and light conditions but more importantly, barometric pressure changes.
At the end of the growing season collect your patch intact, transport it to your climate controlled indoor grow room, spread the spores and try to mimic the exact conditions from the course of the last year.

If successful keep secret and try not to flood the market too badly.

"Book of Forest Love" http://www.pref.hir.../sangyou/eind21.htm
In some places, the wild occurrence of the Matsutake is 'assisted' - kind of like cultivation. [ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 21 2005]


       //they are called pine mushrooms for a reason// Because they have persistent yearning for the fjords?
coprocephalous, Oct 20 2005

       Good name. Good theory behind it. Whether or not it would make a good idea is something I don't think any of us are ever likely to find out.
hidden truths, Oct 20 2005

       Love mushrooms. Go do it [2 fries]!
wagster, Oct 20 2005

       the idea is based on a supposition, and it's more an experiment than a creation. it's like designing a space sattelite prior to the Newton's laws being proven, in order to prove those laws. it's a discovery that's appealing to this idea. mushroomcroissant for the d i s c o v e r y
sweet, Oct 20 2005

       I've got some of these growing on an old tyre in my garage - air pressure must be just perfect then.
xenzag, Oct 20 2005

       I like both the background, the experiment, and the wordplay. But only one bun, and I have taken a small bite of it already.
bungston, Oct 20 2005

       Bun for the thought of hypobaric greenhouses.
Shz, Oct 20 2005

       //that many have tried but pine mushrooms can not be farmed// That's true - but many of them wild-mushrooms (Boletus Boletus as well as Boletus Edulis)refuse to be tamed.   

       All sorts of things can affect their growth (rain/sunshine) the the soil (acidity)/surrounding trees and other mushrooms and believe it or not, the phase of the moon has an influence too.   

       Barometric pressure... Hmm weather, definitely, altitude very-probably (They don't seem to grow up mountains... but then neither do the conifers or deciduous tree's they like too)- they seem to require some wind... presumably to dissipate the spores... I guess that goes hand-in-hand with altitude. A friend pointed out that he has most 'luck' when he sees certain combinations of trees... I could tell you which... but then, of course, I'd have to kill you all! >}   

       Whoever manages to solve the riddle is certainly in for a lot of money!   

       Secret! You should hear some of the names my mum uses to describe some of the celebrity cooks in this country who have ruined it for the people who used to keep the fun to themselves - You really wouldn't believe the language!
Dub, Oct 20 2005

       Interesting idea, might actually be right! Although its quite the hypocritical note not to share the secret. *Ahem*   

       *Scribbles on a post-it note*
half-n-half, Oct 20 2005

       [UnaBubba] If you find that someone's doing something similar for Boletus boletus or Boletus edulis, please let me know!
Dub, Oct 23 2005

       /Wild mushrooms that cannot be tamed/   

       Have you tried Walnut Whips?
rubyminky, Oct 24 2005

       Random idea bump just because.
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2009


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