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new, more spherical, take away mushrooms
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I like mushrooms very much, and think they're a bit underappreciated. I propose growing ones which are a bit bigger closed cup style musrooms (about the size of an apple) which are presented in a chiller cabinet near the confectionery in a supermarket.

each would be an ideal choice for a lunch add-on instead of packs of crisps, or indeed, the apple.

neilp, Jul 25 2003

(?) po's hat http://www.julieart...ken/DH_Mushroom.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 05 2004]

Holy Horse Mushrooms http://www.angelfir...UNGI/horsemush.html
Whoa, 12 inches! (faints) [Mamamoose, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

For neilp http://www.agarics....='Horse%20Mushroom'
Easy Tiger! - this says 11cm +/- 4cm [gnomethang, Oct 05 2004]


       If I were to propose growing olives which were pre-stuffed with anchovy, what would your reaction be?
angel, Jul 25 2003

       I'd give you a bun [angel] :)
neilp, Jul 25 2003

       How exactly are you proposing to develop these spherical mushrooms? Genetic engineering?
DrCurry, Jul 25 2003

       no.. def. not GM mushrooms, I'd never do that to the fella's.   

       Just grow them in spherical 'moulds' ([DrC] did you set me up for that?)
neilp, Jul 25 2003

       get them to grow into little round hats, now I like that a lot!
po, Jul 25 2003

       Douse them with Mushroom Hormones.
bungston, Jul 25 2003

       If the size is the issue, just sell horse mushrooms. They are whoppers and taste gorgeous.
squeak, Jul 28 2003

       horse mushrooms [squeak] I found a photo, but with no scale.. how big is one?
neilp, Jul 28 2003

       B.I.G. (up to about 8 inches across I think).
squeak, Jul 28 2003

       and really tasty?
neilp, Jul 28 2003

       A bit flavorless for my taste. Add some kind of dip and I'd consider it. Has this idea evolved from GE to a simple recipe? (one ingredient: horse mushroom) -
Worldgineer, Jul 28 2003

       was never GE or GM [WE] just good breeding.
neilp, Jul 28 2003

       I don't mean to be negative about this idea, but I think that people who don't like mushrooms won't start buying them only because they come in a new presentation (the bigger, the nastier for those who dislike them) and those who do like mushrooms will eat them, big or small.
Pericles, Jul 28 2003

       I just wonder (hope) there might be a whole generation out there looking for a new vegetarian snack, and think it's worth a punt. Thanks [Pericles]. Slightly bigger though, really does make it a snack option
neilp, Jul 28 2003

       grow them into egg shaped moulds for easter
0_owaffleo_0, Jul 28 2003


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