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flagpole with a flag inside
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The Furl-Unfurl is a flagpole with a flag already installed inside of it. The flag is wound inside on a small spindle operated by a motorized component. The outer part of the flagpole also has a moveable piece that slides to cover the opening. This can be operated by a button at the base of the pole or a remote control for out-of-reach poles. To unfurl the flag, press the *unfurl* button. This causes the moveable piece to slide open as the spindle rotates to unfurl the flag. This cover will retract slightly to close the gap when the flag is unfurled. To wind the flag back in, just press *furl* and the cover slides open again and the spindle rotates in the opposite direction to wind up the flag. The cover slides back over and keeps the flag protected from the elements.

Deluxe models have a musical option with your song of choice.

*Edit- I realized this would work better for horizontal and angled poles, but an upright pole could be equipped with some guides to help the flag roll up evenly.

xandram, May 13 2007

Artist's Impression http://www.tirofogi...%20Gun%20Opened.JPG
[DrCurry, May 14 2007]

not all flags need a *tradional* ceremony http://www.usflags....ail.asp?ItemID=4576
[xandram, May 14 2007]


       <waves skull and crossbones>
po, May 13 2007

       <unfurls Flag po>
xandram, May 13 2007

       Heaven forbid there should be a need, but what about half mast?   

       Quite right [2 fries] --there must be an additional opening in the center so the flag may be slid down to the halfway point. (another button called *halfmast*) Thanks for the input.
xandram, May 13 2007

       what about it?   

       <hands 21 a trumpet>
po, May 13 2007

       hey, I'm paying attention...
Tradition can be changed to a Furling/Unfurling ceremony.
xandram, May 14 2007

       Install a blower fan in the bottom of the upright hollow pole and furling a horizontal flag becomes a piece of cake.   

       DrC, nice one. Has the Pricipality of Bang been accepted by the UN yet? Or is it a Protectorate? Sovereign Nation?
Canuck, May 15 2007

       I salute you [Lt_Frank].
xandram, May 15 2007

       Nice. Yachts have had in-mast furling of their sails for a while, so this is very doable.
moomintroll, May 16 2007

theleopard, May 16 2007

       If you came from a certain Northern European country, and you slept inside a sleeping bag which was printed up as a flag, could you be said to be: "a flag with a pole inside" ?   

       Sorry, but only a little bit. [+] for your most excellent idea XD
xenzag, May 19 2007

       ha-just got back to this one [xen]- good one!
xandram, May 21 2007


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