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Holographic Flags

Image changes in the wind.
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My idea is that there should be holographic flags. The flag will basically work like those holographic stickers you get, the image changes when you look at it from a different angle. So when the flag blows in the wind the image will change. One example could be the UK flag. When it moves in the wind it would change into the scottish flag, then Englands flag and so on.
Maverick, Mar 18 2002


       Flags of St George, St Patrick and St Andrew make up the Union Jack. Never given this much thought before there should a Welsh Dragon in the middle of the flipping thing.
po, Mar 18 2002

       Might be hard-pressed to fit all 50 states onto the U.S. flag, but criossant for the image anyway.
phoenix, Mar 18 2002

       po, there shouldn't be a Welsh dragon on it for two reasons,
1. Wales is a principality and thus the kingdom of England is its over-lord and so it shouldn't actually have a flag.
2. Wales was only given a flag in '70s i belive, and so wasn't made in time for the union of 1707.
However, the cross of St.Patrick, which represents the whole of Ireland should have been removed when Ireland gained independenc in the early 20th century.
[ sctld ], Mar 18 2002

       picture po - sitting here with mouth open in disbelief at what that scuttled chap has written. I may reply when composure returns and the red glaze has passed from in front of eyes.
po, Mar 18 2002

       I do appologise, po, it was actually 1959 that the Queen gave Wales an official flag.
[ sctld ], Mar 18 2002

       hmmmpph - pricnipality - sort your spelling boyo,
po, Mar 18 2002

       1959, but it had been accepted as the symbol of Wales since the beginning of the 19th Century I believe.

(If you want to be truly alarmed po, it was also used as a symbol of the Tudors for a significant portion of the 14th/15th century, which means Wales has adopted an English emblem. Woops ;-)
mcscotland, Mar 18 2002

       I think the that a holographic flag in Wales would cause widespread panic and chaos similar to the "monkey scenes" at the beginning of 2001: A Space Oddessy. The Welsh aren't ready for such technology.
brewmaster, Mar 20 2002

       what is it that DrBob does? <maintains dignified silence>
po, Mar 20 2002

       You may not be able to get all 50 states, but how about having a combined US and State flag for each state. In other words the Maryland flag would be the start and stripe and the Maryland flag. Other states would substitute the Maryland half with their flag colors and patterns.
n3pla2000, Apr 12 2003


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