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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flag!

It’s super flag!
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These flags of the world are actually each the extended cape of a super hero. The fantastic figure lies on its side with outstretched arms hanging on to the rope. The colorful cape flaps behind, making the champion appear to fly or leap through the air.

The amazing heroes are chosen with care. For example Comoros’ predominantly green flag is the altered green cape of Rooftop Avenger; Libya’s is the cape of Mister Miracle, also green; the red cape of Superman is the model for the flags of Vietnam, Albania, Tunisia and Turkey; Knight Crusader’s white cape becomes the background for Cyprus’ flag; Star Boy flies Niue’s flag; Batman flies Somalia’s and Palau’s, etc.

FarmerJohn, Jul 09 2005

National Flags http://www.photius....lphabetic_list.html
[FarmerJohn, Jul 09 2005]

it's, it's bicycle repair man! http://www.fz.eco.p...ycle_repair_man.jpg
[po, Jul 09 2005]


       Only the old-fashioned superhero's wear capes. Didn't you see The Incredibles?   

       Surely this should go in one of the (many) superhero categories?
hidden truths, Jul 09 2005

       Green flag - The Hulk?
skinflaps, Jul 09 2005

       Fabulous! May entice children to learn all the different flags.
blissmiss, Jul 09 2005


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