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Fused Glass Sarcophagus

Melted glass --with your dead body inside it
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Simple idea: If you're opposed to cremation, consider a Fused Glass Sarcophagus. It is a mass of glass frit melted into a box or sphere containing a corpse --in this case, your corpse (we'll all have one eventually).

This should be a durable, inexpensive, and unique way of preserving your remains well into a future that may or may not have any living humans in it.

Having worked with glass a little bit in college, I know a lot is possible in terms of color, artistic composition, and degrees of transparency.

For those of us that care about recycling, imagine that your final resting place could double as a sink for many hundreds of beer bottles, broken windows, etc.

Personally, I plan to be cremated and tossed into the river that runs through my hometown. If I change my mind, I think I would choose an mostly opaque, multi-colored, fully recycled glass cube.

What about you?

gribbler, Nov 29 2013


       I perceive a problem that can be called "locking biomass away from the overall Ecology", every time a coffin is filled and sealed.   

       People do that because of Religions that claim they can be resurrected by God. The problem there is, Religions think God is incompetent, that God is somehow unable to re-build a body from memory, and so needs to have the body present in order to bring someone back to life.   

       Assuming that God is actually as capable as implied by other claims, then there is absolutely no reason to waste landscape on cemeteries. Bodies should be ground up and then dehydrated and then pulverized and then spread across farmland as fertilizer.
Vernon, Nov 30 2013

       Oh great; I had just narrowed the choices down to ashes internment as a garden gnome or full-body display in a solid piece of Lexan and now there's another one.
FlyingToaster, Nov 30 2013

       (+) You might want to rethink having your ashes scattered into a river though.
It has to do with radioactivity in the ashes or something.

       // radioactivity in the ashes //   

       More likely to be mercury from amalgam fillings.   

       // Personally, I plan to be cremated and tossed into the river that runs through my hometown... What about you?//   

       We too would choose to cremate you and toss your ashes in a river. But any river would do. Or indeed, the nearest street drain ...
8th of 7, Nov 30 2013

       Vernon, if you're worried about locking away biomass-   

       Total biomass of all humans living: 100 million tonnes C.   

       Total biomass of all humans ever: 1,500 million tonnes C.   

       Total biomass of all living organisms: 350,000 million tonnes C.   

       Even if every human from the dawn of the species had been buried with this method, less than half a percent of the ecosystem's biomass would have been locked away.
Hive_Mind, Dec 01 2013

       //What about you?// I think you've influenced me. I might like to be cremated, and then the ashes divvied up so a small amount goes into each of a reasonable number of glass marbles, internally engraved with my identifying info, and given to my grandchildren. Then I won't be the only one to have lost my marbles.
lurch, Dec 02 2013

       If I'm buried in a pine box in the middle of a pine forest, as it rots away, is that cannibalism?
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2013


       [+] I think this would look cool like an art piece.
xandram, Dec 03 2013


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