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Intelligent Pornography

study and get yourself off all at the same time!
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Have a math test, but can't seem to concentrate on studying? Have no fear! Just pop in the Topless Tammi Teaches Trig tape, and youll be working yourself to a higher grade!

And dont you girls fret! Theres also the Hunkalishous Hank series!

Everyones happy! The students like it cause they are satisfying their sexual appetite, and the parents and teachers like the improvement in effort! Finally some homework worth doing!

(note: Theres would be than math tapes... i mean a whole series, all subjects... not just trig.)

trombonepunk87, Aug 25 2003

Improve your memory http://www.dribbleg...m/memory/index.html
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Pavlov's Revenge [German] http://www.zeno.org...ht+der+Wissenschaft
Tucholsky showed 90 years ago how math can give you a boner [Toto Anders, Dec 22 2014]

[Soterios], I found the archives... https://archive.org...Lampoon+Magazine%22
...but have not yet drilled down to the specific. I loved that magazine - my mom said you can let your little brother read the Playboys, but hide the National Lampoons [normzone, Feb 15 2015]


       Presumably this would be accompanied by some sort of debriefing mechanism (no pun intended); lest you forever become uncontrollably amourous when trying to work out the change at the checkout.
Detly, Aug 25 2003

       Indeed. I see a difficult Pavlovian response brewing.
Cedar Park, Aug 26 2003

       Especially with Audrey sitting beside me.
thumbwax, Aug 26 2003

       Math already turns me on more than pornography.
ping, Aug 26 2003

       Baked for Public Affairs majors: NakedNews.com.   

       I'd hate to be charged with grading Timmy's homework papers.
krelnik, Aug 26 2003

       This reminds me of a Photo Funnies from an early eighties National Lampoon where a naked model explained the Pythagorean Theorem using her legs as two sides of a right triangle. From the eighties, mind you, so there is something to the retention aspect of this idea.
Soterios, Mar 18 2005

shapu, Mar 18 2005

       ping, you're a strange one.
Voice, Jul 18 2008

       Request rename "educational pornography"
Voice, Jul 18 2008

       I consider pornography anything that depicts the sex act.   

       I don't think nude models fall under the category pornography in this day and age, do they?
Giblet, Jul 18 2008

       That depends. For some people nudity equates to pornography. That means, of course, that these people create porn every day.   

       On down the line, does sex equate to porn? If you believe so, then every time you have sex you are endorsing pornography.   

       It's a long line, I tend to fall out on the end of it that feels sexual art is not necessarily the same thing as porn, but by the lights of the people on the other end of the line, that makes me a total perv and unworthy of holding an opinion.
normzone, Jul 18 2008

       Teaching is all about making the subject approachable to the audience, so since sex sells, I don't see why it can't also teach.   

       I'd suggest soft core for a larger audience.   

       This was partially Baked by the "Man Show" when they did "Homemaking tips from porn stars", where they had porn stars some on in skimpy outfits and explain stain removal and similar tasks.
MisterQED, Jul 18 2008

       This might actually change the evolutionary attraction factor, leading to more smart people in the world. 8=(|)   

       Well that, and more teachers having sex with students, for better or worse. Eh, okay, fine then. [+]
quantum_flux, Jul 18 2008

       //Intelligent Pornography//   

       That reminds me of the first time I watched a porno movie: after midnight at a Mensa convention (in Dallas, _Debbie_Does_Dallas_). The audience was heckling enthusiastically, intelligently and hilariously. (After that, all other porno movies seem anticlimactic.)   

       This idea was sort-of-mentioned, in passing, in a science-fiction story about education degenerating. One female teacher was trying to keep her students' attention by almost having wardrobe malfunctions. At the end, the story's hero went back to an old-fashioned classroom set-up.
baconbrain, Jul 19 2008

       //after midnight at a Mensa convention (in Dallas, _Debbie_Does_Dallas_)// The funniest movie I've ever seen was "Debbie Does Dallas", it was at college and people were doing football cheers. I barely watched the movie but the crowd was hysterical.
MisterQED, Jul 19 2008

       Typical Mensa evening as I understand is beer bongs, pornography, and a rousing game of speed differential equations.
Giblet, Jul 20 2008

       For this program to work, it has to be really well controlled. E.g. you don't get to see the next item of clothing taken off until you answer 10 definite integrals in a row, correctly.   

       As the peep show gets more erotic, the questions you have to answer get harder. Only an A++ student will get to see the most explicit parts.   

       It must be impossible to crack the code without doing the math, or the idea will be worthless.
phundug, Jul 20 2008

       What if you get a mental associating thing going and get wood every time somebody mentions the Pythagorean Theorem?
doctorremulac3, Dec 22 2014

       [trombonepunk87] registered his account on August 25, 2003, then posted this idea. He never annotated on any other idea, and was never heard from again.   

       A brief perusal of the interweb indicates at that time he was in his teens and favored "Magic, The Gathering".
normzone, Feb 15 2015

       Ha. Wonder if history will repeat itself.
blissmiss, Feb 15 2015

       But masturbation is such an empty function... but phwoar look at the Tan lines on that
Dub, Feb 15 2015

       You may be doing it wrong - must be a sine of the times.
normzone, Feb 15 2015

       //What if you get a mental associating thing going and get wood every time somebody mentions the Pythagorean Theorem?// Whaddya mean, "what if"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 15 2015


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