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GL Roadcam

Ground Level Roadcam --- alternative to watching the road.
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No, don't use this to drive. Use it to entertain your passengers. Camera can be rotated, or operated in telephoto or wide angle zoom, for more scenery you might see if you were slung under the car.

Interesting side chat: "Yep. That a*ole is definitely in our space with the brights on." can help the driver also.

reensure, Jun 04 2007


       A (+), though I think I'd prefer this on top of the car, rather than underneath. Much more to see from that height, rather than ground level, eh?
awesomest, Jun 04 2007

       Hey, we just passed a penny on the road. Pull over!
phundug, Jun 04 2007

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 04 2007


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