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Dashboard Grass (retractable)

install dashboard grass in your car to be totally fab
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Everyone wants to be totally fab, but few can manage it. One of the easy routes to fabdomland is achieved by installing Dashboard grass (retractable) in your car.
This is what it's all about:
We live in a nasty world with not much relief at the moment, but with Dashboard Grass (retractable) installed, all you have to do is turn a knurled control wheel, and out from the rows of holes running along the top of your car's dashboard, numerous blades of grass will emerge.
Total fabdom is the instant outcome.

It's not real grass of course, as that would be high maintenance, but the plastic version is very convincing, and you can choose many variations re colour, blade width, density and texture. The grass is simply stored on a roller inserted under the dashboard, with the tips of the blades poking through the rows of holes that have been drilled as part of the installation process. The control knob that turns the roller is placed at one end.

It's not advisable to deploy your Dashboard Grass (retractable) when driving, except to have a little bit of stubble protruding, but when you park, you can turn the knob completely and make the grass rise all the way to the interior side of the car roof. This has the effect of totally shading the front inside of the vehicle, which is really great on a hot sunny day.

Inevitable deluxe version features the inclusion of other random growing elements such as daisies and buttercups, and a motorised roller with a finger tip activated stalk control.

xenzag, Aug 19 2021


       Should be a fairly easy conversion. My car apparently already comes with a grass hole. At least I THINK that's what people are shouting at me.
AusCan531, Aug 19 2021

       We're talking about lawn grass, apparently, not the other kind. The other kind would drive your vehicle into a similar state of total fabosity and allow the occupants to harvest a pinch now and then.   

       [+] for your idea
whatrock, Aug 19 2021

       +This is so wonderful and refreshing! Of course we can add some silk flowers, and little bees on wires that will look like they are flying.
xandram, Aug 19 2021

       Approved, along with the movement of small hidden animals almost parting the grass but still remaining hidden from view.
xenzag, Aug 19 2021

       Car dashboard is very practical as greenhouse for growing pot plants
pocmloc, Aug 19 2021

       Okay... but you might want to not let my dog in your car.   

       Total fabdom. Knurled knob, fingertip-activated. Inevitable Deluxe. Stubble protruding!   

Frankx, Aug 24 2021

       What would you call a collection of short, slightly curly, cropped hairs growing out of a policeman's helmet?   

       ans: contstubble - I am available for target practice for that one, even though I do think it's rather great
xenzag, Aug 24 2021


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