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Drive-In Movie Almost Anywhere

using a built-in projection system.
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A projector and a DVD player (or HD-DVD or Blu-ray player) would be built into a car to allow you to watch movies anywhere that there is a surface to project the movie onto (preferably a flat, white surface). It would be best viewed at night, or in a dark place.

The projector would be mounted right above where the rear view mirror usually is, and the windshield and roof could be specially made to accommodate it. The projector could be adjusted to point up or down from within the passenger compartment. Image size and image focus among other things could be adjusted as needed, also from within the passenger compartment.

The vehicle would require more batteries, or a larger or more powerful one, if you don't want to have the engine running during the entire movie. A more powerful alternator might also be required.

There could be connections for things such as laptops, and portable media players, etc.

You could even take a portable projection surface, or a white sheet with you, when you go camping for example.

BJS, Sep 11 2007

here's twist on your idea- watch drive-in movies from a motel room http://travel.msn.c...p-documentid=347761
better than the back seat [xandram, Sep 11 2007]

almost the same thing, with a built in screen http://seriouswheel...eedster-Concept.htm
Scion Five Axis xA Speedster Concept [BJS, Sep 11 2007]

kinda like what this guy does http://mobmov.org/
kinda? [bleh, Sep 11 2007]


       Isn't this mostly baked by flip-down screens for DVD players available in SUVs?   

       Seems pretty retro, and If I recall, some of the best action is in the back seats...   

       You might run into legal difficulty (ever read those FBI warnings?) if you were to project a movie where random others could see it, and why bother, since you can get a better image closer to you, or wear video goggles. (neutral)
csea, Sep 11 2007

       I know there are LCD screens that can be built into the inside of cars, but thats not the point of this idea. You can see what's being played on those LCD screens, even though they are inside of the car.
BJS, Sep 11 2007

       An entire culture would spring up around this, everyone knowing where the good flat white walls with parking were.
normzone, Sep 11 2007

       [+] This would be nice with a popcorn maker in the trunk as well.
acurafan07, Sep 11 2007

       Because a projector on your dash would be a large obstruction, and would be dangerous.
BJS, Sep 11 2007

       I'm surprised this hasn't been done on something like "Pimp My Ride"; although I've only seen the show twice (or so). But I'm imagining the beauty of having something like this mounted in a VW rabbit when I was in high school... Sure, you could use an LCD, but there's something beautiful about projecting onto a wall; like ephemeral graffiti. Errr... something.
gus_webb, Sep 11 2007

       Something like this was done on a show called Rides.
BJS, Sep 11 2007

       Batman signal!
skinflaps, Sep 11 2007

       anything that allows me to burn through a couple extra films a week. +
k_sra, Sep 11 2007

       BUN! I think BJS went a little too deep on how this could actually work, however, this is a great idea. I would compare this to being able to watch your favorite movie on an Ipod vs. watching it in your living room. The 9-inch flip down TV inside of the car is convenient for when you are on a long trip, however, if you want to pull over and take a break, now you can watch your favorite movie on a 200-inch screen while you eat, relax, and refresh yourself before getting back on the road.
Jscotty, Sep 11 2007

       [gus_webb] Yes, they actually did this exact thing on "pimp my ride". The projector was mounted in the trunk on an moving arm.   

       Not to say this isn't a great idea.   

       And why not have BOTH flip-down LCD monitors and the projector? Even add a dash slide out head unit monitor.   

       This is very much possible with off the shelf parts. There are tiny DLP projectors that would fit just about anywhere. As for a screen, there is a screen that blowS up like a "bounce around" toy (several on the market) . The screen structure is blown up and supports the screen material. (now that I thnk about it, that's what they used on "pimp my ride")   

       Great idea [+]!
evilpenguin, Sep 11 2007

GutPunchLullabies, Sep 11 2007

       The guy at mobmov.org does this <linky> he uses projetors powered by his car and high power FM transmitters to broadcast the sound to his buddies cars. There is already an underground surrounding this. Great idea though.
bleh, Sep 11 2007

       Thats cool. I've never heard of people doing this. and I didn't think of having the FM transmitter so people in other cars can hear it too.
BJS, Sep 11 2007

       I hadn't heard of it either until I looked into getting a projector. I was looking for reviews of the lumenlab eVo, and this guy was the only one who bought one and reviewed it online.
bleh, Sep 11 2007

       This is done in a current commercial in the U.S.
nomocrow, Sep 11 2007

       Really? I haven't seen it.
BJS, Sep 11 2007

       Offer the screens as an option in carwash stalls and then people would have a place to use them and of coarse everyone would have to get one.   

       just, don't offer screens in all the stalls, or it would't be a carwash any more,ha!!!
oyea6, Sep 12 2007


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