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fruit producing drone

The drone has a spray tank and a laser to make cuts on fruit trees; it makes a precise angled slice and then sprays tissue culture gunk into the slice making more branches/fruit stems, increasing fruit yield per tree.
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The drone has a spray tank full of pre-fruiting tissue callous and growth hormones as a gel.

The drone also has a laser to make cuts on fruit trees; it makes a precise angled slice and then sprays the tissue culture gunk into the slice making more branches/fruit stems per tree, increasing fruit yield per tree.

Imagine if this could double the yield of already planted fruit trees. Twice as many avocados.

I support the robots that harvest the avocados and fruit as well.

beanangel, Mar 21 2019


       I hate to break this to you, but orchard owners spend a lot of time getting rid of unwanted branches on fruit trees to maximize yield.
Any branch not conforming to the desired bowl shape, (to allow light to reach as much of the leaves as possible), has got to go.
If a branch isn't growing at close enough to a 45 degree angle it's got to go.
All of that season's water-shoots springing up the length of an established branch have to go.

       You need the branches to be able to bear the weight of the fruit and be able to provide enough nutrients for max yield, so while extra branches might mean more fruit per tree, that fruit will be smaller and less tasty than fruit from a well pruned tree.   

       On a side note; did you know that you can grow up to four varieties of one fruit on a single tree?   

       There is a mismatch between the idea title. The idea says that the fruit is produced by the tree; but the idea title promises an idea for how the fruit is to be produced by the drone.
pocmloc, Mar 21 2019


       Yes, but beauty is truth etc...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 22 2019

       I'm sure fruit yield also depends on the availability of nutrients, water, pollinators, etc.   

       So, maybe your drone needs to perform different roles at different times of year. Once it's done with laser-grafting new branches onto the tree, it should start spraying fertiliser-rich water from its onboard tank instead; then, during flowering season, it should use a little brush to help pollinate the flowers.   

       A tree in bloom, buzzing with drones... ah, the spring is upon us!
Wrongfellow, Mar 22 2019

       ...and faux bees on sticks for pollination
not_morrison_rm, Mar 22 2019

       Won't the laser cauterize the cut, preventing growth from it? Maybe an excimer laser could cut without cauterizing—they seem to do that to plastics.
notexactly, Mar 28 2019


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