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GPS-enabled iPod with motion-dependent track selection

iPod attachment that selects songs depending on your location and motion.
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Similar to [hippo]'s idea of a 'GPS-enabled iPod with location-dependent track selection', except that the unit would understand several types of motion and associate this motion with various tracks or Genres. Configuration would have to be done from some desktop app where songs could be associated with various motion types, but a wide variety of motions could be understood by a GPS, such as: jogging, walking, driving in town, driving on a highway, etc. The basic selection criteria would be based on ranges of speeds, but other criteria could be applied in a more advanced unit, such as if you are going certain speeds in certain locations (4-8mph on a street might be 'jogging', while the same speed on a body of water might be 'sailing'). You could, for example, have music that matched your current driving style; if you are cruising leisurely along a windy country road, it could play a peaceful Bach piece, if you are speeding at 80mph in a busy metro bypass, some Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa Overdrive.
Caine, Jul 13 2008

hippo's idea GPS-enabled_20iPod_...20track_20selection
GPS-enabled iPod with location-dependent track selection [Caine, Jul 13 2008]

Sony Ericsson w580i http://www.youtube....watch?v=CMCHTTBMcbk
It's a phone with music playing and motion-detection based applications. [Jinbish, Jul 14 2008]

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       //'GPS-enabled iPod //
Isn't this called an "iPhone"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2008

       I would have to let someone more familiar with an iPhone answer whether or not the API would support writing something in software that would use the iPhone's GPS in this manner. If so, then there you go. If not, or in the unlikely event that someone might not -want- an iPhone, perhaps an iPod with this feature would be useful.
Caine, Jul 14 2008

       I wouldn't use GPS as a monitor for your motion - not by itself anyway. You can also use an accelorometer (sp?), like the one that Sony Ericsson w580i has... (I don't think it has GPS though). If you combine the two technologies then you reason about the absolute location (GPS), the velocity (GPS), and the type of motion (accelorometer).
Jinbish, Jul 14 2008


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