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Cliché filter

A compression utility
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Designed for those who like to time shift news and commentary programs, this could be an add on to a digital video or sound recorder. You record your own list of words and phrases onto a database, By voice recognition it will match & delete certain terms and compress the program to make it shorter and more meaningful.
flerper, Apr 17 2003

Type - idea - into the form field. http://www.westegg.com/cliche/
Nice result, huh. [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This is the best idea since sliced bread
hippo, Apr 17 2003

       It's the cat's meow!
ato_de, Apr 17 2003

       An idea whose time has come
bristolz, Apr 17 2003

       Make no mistake about it, this is a good idea. But it would make many sound bites disappear entirely. (+ Even though it I don’t know how it works.)
AO, Apr 17 2003

       own up - who voted?   

       not sure I understand it yet.
po, Apr 17 2003

       [po] it works much like voice dialing phones, where you say, "call my bookie" and it dials your bookie by recognizing your voice. Only in this case it matches words or phrases you have recorded like "evildoer. " or maybe like "on the ground, " to the same ones used in a long-winded speech or a talking heads program. It then deletes that portion, closing the gap in intelligent language, and delivers only the substance of the dialogue. Unless there is no substance, of course.
flerper, Apr 17 2003

       Perhaps you could have it replace the cliché with a meaningful or more concise phrase, or even a different cliché.
AO, Apr 17 2003

       This idea gives 110%, it really does.
Canuck, Apr 17 2003


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