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Cyclic Music Catcher

Grip the music in your head.
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Have you ever been driving in the heavy traffic and suddendly the perfect riff flashes in your head? Have you ever think the riff is so good is going to be so memorable for the western world, that you are just never going to forget it, and when you arrive home you just can't remember the darn gaw darn thang?

Or, better yet... you have been trough a expousure of jazz, rock or blues so thick that your mind just keeps on proposing armonies, rythms and beats that you can humm like a happy bee but when you grab your guitar just can't figure out how to start?

allright, all your plausible mozarts and iconoclast rockers, here is the Cyclic Music Catcher!

That is nuthi'n but a small implant in your brain's right hemisphere that record all those unplayable riffs and harmonies on hard drive assurement baby!

So you can always go back to those subjective, but nontheless sublime mind cycles, and actually capture them and capitalize on the fragile and ungrippable one second of bliss creativity.

noyola, Jul 12 2003


       Why can't this be a penis implant?
phoenix, Jul 13 2003

       Yeah reensure... don't you know nuthin'?
waugsqueke, Jul 13 2003

gnomethang, Jul 13 2003


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