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GPS Audio Adventure Game

Like playing pretend, but with more technology.
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While you walk, you hear a voice informing you, "there are wolves here." As you continue you begin to hear growling to your left. It gets louder as the wolf approaches. You turn to your right and start to run, hearing the pounding of paws in the grass as the wolf gives chase. Knowing there's a safe haven near by, you dash inside and hear the door slam shut just before the wolf begins to scratch against it. In temporary safety, you walk around the cabin until you hear a pleasant chime, and a voice telling you, "you have found the lantern."

This adventure could be experienced in any open area by utilizing the GPS and audio capabilities of a cell phone. The map displayed on the phone's screen would relate to the player's real-world GPS coordinates, but it would show only game-world information such as hazards and items rather than the player's physical surroundings. The player would interact with the game world simply by moving from place to place, triggering events that would all be described with sound, and the stereo capability of the player's earbuds would give some limited sense of location.

whippinggas, Dec 20 2008

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       You'd want to start the game in a spacious area to prevent any real objects from becoming obstacles in the game. Trees and lampposts can be really painful if you don't see them coming at you.
whippinggas, Dec 20 2008


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