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Gadget of the week

A service that swaps exercize equipment weekly
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If you ever bought a statbike and used it every day for a week and then converted it into a place to drape not-quite-completely-dirty laundry, then this is for you. You subscribe and some nice goons come by once a week and swap your home workout gadget with a different one. Bowflex one week, elliptical the next. Different levels of subscription give you different levels of equipment. Entry level gets you those TV-specials like the "Thigh Master" or "The Gazelle". Posh level subs get you health-club quality equipment. You feel more like working out both because it's novel, and because you know that if you don't use it, it'll be gone and you won't see this particular apparatus again for quite a while.
gregor-e, Mar 09 2006

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       oooh, like circuit training, except reallly really drawn out.
Cuit_au_Four, Mar 09 2006

       splendid idea. swap goon for sexy personal trainer, thanks
po, Mar 09 2006

       Good idea. One of the problems with (owning) home gyms is that they have a limited number of possible motions. Your muscles get used to doing the same things in 3-4 months, to the point where the benefits become minimal.
Shz, Mar 09 2006

       Eccles: "'Allo folks! Me and Bluebottle 'ave brought you a luvverly treadmill. Show the luvverly people Bluebottle."   

       Bluebottle: "Oh nooo! That naughty, naughty seagoon has taken it away Eccles!"
wagster, Mar 09 2006

       "Major Bloodnok! I didn't recognise you in that false room"
po, Mar 09 2006

       Pardon my dirty hands, I've just been washing my face. Tee hee. These are my kind of goons too.
spidermother, Mar 09 2006

       but what if the new one didn't hold the laundry as well as the first......?
xandram, Mar 09 2006

       In these parts, mmmhmm, you could do this without involving the Goons, Min, and get a different exercise for free as well. Just take your current laundry rack for a walk, and swap it for the one in the builders skip at the end of your (or anybody's) road.
unclepete, Mar 10 2006


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