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Gambling for Minutes

Cheesy cell phone games cost and pay minutes
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My cell phone has a blackjack game, but it's no fun at all. There's nothing to win or lose. If good play got me free minutes and bad luck used some of my phone minutes the game would be much more interesting.

If all the games on my phone offered a real reward/penalty schedule, I'd probably play them more, and have more fun doing so, all the while knowing that the phone company like a casino would always win the the end.

Idea courtesy of my friend Mark.

ry4an, Apr 02 2003


       I have a feeling that you would *complain* if your mobile amusements ate up your calltime but there you go.
po, Apr 02 2003

       //the phone company like a casino would always win//   

       That's what makes it not-so-hot. Besides, there are enough cell-junkies without turning 'em into gamble-junkies. ERRRRRKK!! *CRASH*   

       'He was playing blackjack on his cell phone.'
galukalock, Apr 02 2003


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