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very simple device (like dictaphone) over cell phone network + web services
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very simple device (very compact): one button - "record message". how it works: when you buy "sim-card" (like for cell phone), you receive ID (sim-card id) - it's your id for access to your voice message box (via internet). New telecom company "iDicto OPERATOR" offers its customers: - sim-card - device (iDicto) with "one button" ("record message") - web-services: manage account (voice message box) - play/delete records, convert records to any audio formats, download record as mp3 file (and for inctance, to iPod), get link to record for blogs, decoding record and save as text file, share (subscribe) voice box to other service users
koliakin, May 13 2007


       Line breaks are your friends.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 13 2007

       As well as basic punctuation. And capitals.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery.
nuclear hobo, May 13 2007

       OK, so it's a one-purpose cell-phone linked to a sort of web-linked "voicemail" service?   

       I'm not sure the advantages would be enough. Most existing phones will let you record sound directly on their memory (and phone memory is big, now), or you could just phone yourself and leave a regular voicemail, or (presumably) one could make a simple dictaphone with a few Gb of storage much cheaper than a device that used the mobile networks.   

       I agree about the other functions being good, but you could get those (presumably) by downloading a recording from your phone into your computer or PC?   

       Nice try, though. Welcome to the HB and beware of the natives.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 13 2007


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