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Mobile Classified Ads

Submitting and Searching Local Classified Ads on Cellphones
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I'm sure this has been done but cant seem to find any reference to it on Google. A service which allows people to submit and search thru local classified ads on the vast local cellular network. The service makes use of SMS or MMS allowing user to search and submit for the usual 10cents (or 40cents for MMS) per transaction. Posting your classsified ad can be done very quickly including picture phones allowing one to take a snapshot of the product in question and is posted for up to 1 week. Users can search thru categories of posted items or be charged a monthly fee for an alert on certain items which come up for sale. One can either sell an item, swap, or dump it (give it away for free, just come and pick it up).

I suppose the advantage is one doesn't require the more expensive local newspaper, timing isn't a factor anymore since your mobile ad is posted for a full week, and the cellular network represents a large number of people *locally* unlike the fragmented classified forums of the wired internet.

quantass, Jul 11 2004

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