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cheerfully lends a quick small hand for the good of the village
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when something intricate or something that requires good reflexes needs to be done, GameBoy is there to assist.

he can feather or skin the game quickly and precisely. he can hunt on his own for small game like squirrels. sometimes he returns with chestnuts as well: bonus. GameBoy has also learned from the older ones how to make the poison darts and mend the nets. now he is quicker than all of them.

gnormal, Feb 17 2001


       Well.... I was afraid this would have something to do with those goofy video game things that are so popular. I like this "GameBoy" ....need one here at the farm. "he can repair an electric fence without having to turn it off first, he can carry 2 50# sacks of oats on his shoulders. Sometime you send him to the feed store and he stops at the Speedway and picks up Mountain Dew too without being asked: bonus. GameBoy has also learned from the farm manager how to break 2 year olds and gallop them on the race track. Now he does this so the farm manager doesn't get any more broken bones."
Susen, Feb 17 2001

       your enthusiasm is becoming. GameBoy can help you with the chores you describe but he is better suited for those requiring small hands with well developed manual dexterity.   

       what you need, if fact, is a BigBoy of Manners (or you could borrow Bob's). as you may or may not know, they are harder to find than a clean Speedway. so you may have to just get by with an old fashioned snarlin oatgopher.
gnormal, Feb 17 2001

       GameBoy is also quite good at data entry.
gnormal, Feb 20 2001

       because I don't have one.... although a BigBoy of Manners (as gnormal pointed out) would probably suit me better. Although, he can't be too big b/c I need him to gallop racehorses for me...so more jockey height and weight would be necessary. That's why I considered a GameBoy in the first place.
Susen, Feb 20 2001


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