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Gravity as God

Beats praying to an angry bearded guy with the toga and sandals
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Maybe gravity should be elevated to deity status, not that it needs it. Maybe gravity IS God.

It formed everything, it created the universe (compressed everything that became the big bang and will crunch everything in the expanding universe back together eventually to form another big bang) it's always with us, you can't see it.

I mean, if you had a job application for "God" gravity would be able to fill most of the requirements. As to whether it's guided by intelligence or not, maybe we're projecting in that regard, assuming other beings are either exactly like us or are just dumb inert matter. Maybe there's some halfway or alternate "intelligence" like a force innately programed to create life the universe and everything without regard for credit or acknowledgement or even buildings in which cash is given to his living envoys here on Earth.

Introducing a new God on a man made invention web site probably won't do much to sell the idea.

By the way, I just talked to this new God and he says you all owe me fifty bucks. Do not incur his wrath.

doctorremulac3, Sep 04 2010

Marxists.org: The Essence of Christianity http://www.marxists...s/essence/index.htm
Ludwig Feurerbach [rcarty, Sep 04 2010]

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Another play on smudging the lines between science and religion. [zen_tom, Sep 05 2010]


       I recall reading a physicist who was told by a religious person he must agree that there was an invisible force that permeates everything, binds us and controls us, or something mystical like that, and he said, "Yes, gravity."   

       Here's my share of the fifty. [+]
baconbrain, Sep 04 2010

       BTW, just want to add, I'm not being disrespectful of anybody's view of God by implying I have a clue which I don't. But sometimes admitting you don't have a clue is a good thing.   

       I just read a headline saying Steven Hawking said God didn't create the universe and it got me to thinking about useless non-utilitarian revelations and I thought I'd throw one out there. (No, I didn't read the article, or do I care to.)   

       For whatever it's worth, I'm a non practicing atheist myself but I don't claim to have a wrap on the truth. I just hold people that claim they do to task sometimes.
doctorremulac3, Sep 04 2010

       : D
Of course He's gravity... he's a lot of other stuff too. (+)

       //an angry bearded guy with the toga and sandals//   

       I have a feeling that the big guy would be a lot less angry if us talkin monkeys could just figure out how to not screw each other in the ear.   


       ...the toga is just a fashion statement, and at least it's not black socks with sandals.   

       {Faulteringly}So... That'd make Newton The Messiah?   

       Ah, but what about The Light? Sure, Newton told us something about the spectrum (though Hooke seems to have had some input)... so Is Hooke "John The Baptist"?
Dub, Sep 04 2010

       I have it on good authority that the Devil wears plaid socks and white patent leather loafers.
doctorremulac3, Sep 04 2010

       //BTW, just want to add, I'm not being disrespectful of anybody's view of God//   

       What's so bloody sacred about religion, for chrissake?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 04 2010

       The illusion.
rcarty, Sep 04 2010

       sp; allusion   

       Sp: delusion
8th of 7, Sep 04 2010

       If Newton is the Messiah he will make damned sure that Hooke is the Antichrist.
All this talk of gravity is bringing me down, man.
gnomethang, Sep 04 2010

       Or Leibnitz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 04 2010

       Even he, [MB]. Don't lets get us both started!!
gnomethang, Sep 04 2010

       //Do not incur his wrath.//   

       Damn! I've been incurring this wrath all my life, currently to the tune of about 175lb.   

       As an extra curse, I periodically drop important stuff, incurring the wrath not only of the god Gravity but also SWMBO - a little less powerful but making up for that by being a LOT less predictable.
Tulaine, Sep 04 2010

       I actually think calling the Higgs Boson the God partical isn't that far off. He is the essence/driving force of the universe. This includes gravity, and whatever else he wants to be. Which includes a really big cluster of Bosons called Jesus :)
DIYMatt, Sep 05 2010

       Was Planck or Einstein = Judas? - Owww... perhaps it's Hawking or no-one we know yet...
Dub, Sep 05 2010

       Good try, but this isn't really a superhero idea. [Marked-for-deletion] Theory, advocacy
ldischler, Sep 05 2010

       This should actually be a polytheistic religion, with Magnetism and the Weak and Strong Nuclear Forces as lesser gods.
DrWorm, Sep 05 2010

       Why are both Newton and Leibniz named after biscuits?
pocmloc, Sep 05 2010

       //So... That'd make Newton The Messiah//   

       surely it would make him a prophet? or something similar, it's my understanding that the Messiah is supposed to be the son of God (in this case gravity) in which case Newton is no more Messiah than you or i, however a prophet or visionary would fit Newton more as the person who "discovered" God?
ComatoseSheep, Sep 05 2010

       //Why are both Newton and Leibniz named after biscuits?//   

       That made me laugh so much I got crumbs of Rich Chocolate Copernicus over my keyboard.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 05 2010

       God said "Let Newton be" and all was light.
mouseposture, Sep 06 2010

       "If GOD is Gravity...   

       ...then Albert Einstein is the Christ"   

       Great t-shirt idea.
doctorremulac3, Sep 06 2010

       gravity cannot act on your behalf. there is no way to fail to regard gravity. We are already all "worshipers" of gravity to the maximum possible degree.
WcW, Sep 07 2010

       And to the minimum possible degree as well.
mouseposture, Sep 07 2010

       It's a real drag.   

       <Slightly off-topic> I always wondered about the physicist types who are trying to figure out when/how gravity was combined with the other fundamental forces, around the Big Bang.
As far as I see it, gravity is completely different, and so why should it be combined? It's a distortion of space-time, while the others are inter-particle effects with photons and stuff.
Disclaimer: I've done some cosmology and particle physics, but I'm a long way from an expert. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong/stupid in the stuff above.</sot>
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 07 2010

       we have actually flogged that question to death a few times.   

       Space: What is it made of?   

       Arising from the mass of particles gravity seems to be a particle effect, right?   

       We need to integrate gravity so as to answer these questions.   

       Does gravity distort time? How?
WcW, Sep 07 2010

       Please don't delete this... it's priceless...
James Newton, Sep 07 2010

       //Why are both Newton and Leibniz named after biscuits?// They all make gravity a little more noticeable, eh?
daseva, Sep 07 2010

       AT LAST!   

       No (wide spread & archeologically proven to exist) religion has ever covered gravity, we have worshipped the sun, the god(s) of war, the god(s) of the earth etc. but never gravity; Simply because it always is and has never been observed to vary.   

       God as gravity for president [+]
xxobot, Sep 07 2010

       [xxobot] is apparently caught in a closed timelike curve.
mouseposture, Sep 08 2010

       ...and particles are mearly standing EM wave nodes, so by extension, God must just be good vibrations.
good good, Good. Good vibrations.

       Oh my Grav!
He's a Beach Boy.

       // {Faulteringly}So... That'd make Newton The Messiah? // He thought so...born on Christmas...etc.   

       I'd have to generalize this to Physics is God, so that would mean I got a Theology Degree.
MisterQED, Sep 08 2010

       We're actually all just floating in space. The Flying Spaghetti Monster just touches us all with His Noodly Appendages and makes us believe that we're grounded.
nomocrow, Sep 09 2010

       [MisterQED], //Physics is God //
I don't think we can say that - as it's a human term and therefore would be a tautology - though I see what you're getting at i.e. the observable/unobservable effects of the thing we call Physics is God - but that's just what Hawking said
Dub, Sep 09 2010

       you sure somebody didn't just maliciously reprogram Hawking's speech-thingy ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2010

       For that matter how do we know that's really been Hawkings saying any of that stuff over the years? Now there's a conspiracy theory.
doctorremulac3, Sep 09 2010

       I'm planning a 'Burn a Physics Book Day' in protest.   

       No no no, the Devil wears Prada.   

       Acts 17:28 "For in Him we live and move and have our being."
RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2010

       //how do we know that's really been Hawkings//

       Suppose it *wasn't* Hawking? Would that weaken anybody's faith in atheism?
Also "Physics is God" seems more a paraphrase of Einstein than of Hawking, who seems to be saying "Your majesty, I have no need of that hypothesis."
mouseposture, Sep 09 2010

       Here's why I'm such a lousy atheist. Not showing up at rallies, skipping atheist bake sales, letting my newsletter subscription lapse.   

       What I do know for sure about life the universe and everything is how much we don't know. For instance, for somebody to get up and trumpet evolution as the answer to how we got here is like a monkey figuring out how to turn the ignition key in a car and declaring himself an expert on the engineering behind an automobile. I appreciate that evolution is a better starting point than Ra creating the universe by making armpit farts or whatever, but it's such a small part of the big picture, whatever that picture is, that I can't get all excited about the lifting fog of mystery that surrounds creation. It still looks pretty foggy to me.   

       And there’s still the possibility that we may not even have access to clues that could tell us where we came from, why, where we're going etc. Who knows? Maybe we might as well be arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.   

       All I really know for sure is: Whatever your creed or belief system, whatever your heart may tell you, God, no matter how you may perceive him, says you owe me fifty bucks.
doctorremulac3, Sep 10 2010

       No worries: I'll pay you in the afterlife.
mouseposture, Sep 10 2010

       //What's so bloody sacred about religion, for chrissake?//   

       Superfulousness. A burn. Irony. Is it possible to be smashed so succinctly?
Wily Peyote, Sep 10 2010

       possibly gravity will become more interesting in the future, or maybe I will have a lot more time on my hands otherwise I doubt I will find much time on my hands for worshiping. Likely it would replace the time I spend reading ideas on the bakery......
WcW, Sep 10 2010

       I just talked to gravity god. He says if you really want to impress him, skip the worshiping nonsense and get to work overcoming his mighty grasp to move beyond cradle Earth and inhabit the rest of the Universe as is your destiny should you be strong enough to achieve it.   

       Only then will his children have proven they're not a bunch of little pussies wallowing around on Earth doing pretty much the same thing that the plants and other animals do, namely: living, eating, breeding and dying. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you're gonna want more than that on your resume as a species.   

       So sayeth the... uh, Gravity God.
doctorremulac3, Sep 10 2010

       Heretic! You must obey the Gravity God. Down with... um... everything!
pocmloc, Sep 10 2010

       Schism would then mean living on the north or south side of the planet ?
gutemine, Sep 13 2010

       //north or south side of the planet//
The inside, obviously... or possibly the outside. Definitely not the downside.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 14 2010

       //Schism would then mean living on the//   

       Planet side and in orbit
xxobot, Sep 17 2010


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