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The Half-X Men

Bring them all together into one unified, rant-appeasing force
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We have ourselves a mighty force of superheros who can bring justice and resolution to all of our little issues.

Professor Half-X (always caressing his pet, Peave) sends them out on their rant-appeasing missions. Johnny Spendsalot needs extra change! Spare Change Lad, this is your job! (whooosh!) Woody Harrelson needs a new hemp T-shirt! RastaMan! To the rescue! The statues in central park are missing! Motion Detector Man! Go! (etc)

globaltourniquet, May 23 2001


       Well, I'm sure he prefers Professor > (better connotation...)
globaltourniquet, May 24 2001

       > is the left half of an X. And globaltourniquet gets the groan they deserve
CoolerKing, May 24 2001

       Yes, but V is the top half of X diagramatically, and is also half of X (Roman) numerically, thus completing the "half" concept much more elegantly!
mwburden, May 24 2001

       I just meant he prefers > to < because of the connotation (Professor Greater Than sounds better than Professor Less Than...)   

       ...damn editable message board....   

       (Peter originally called him Professor <)
globaltourniquet, May 24 2001

       Besides the fact that he/she used the third person plural to indicate unknown gender in the singular, which has been summarily rejected by grammarians in the entire English speaking world.
globaltourniquet, May 24 2001

       globaltourniquet: take the > and run!
reensure, May 24 2001

       Peter had obviously changed it to V before I made my comment. Besides, I rarely do make sense! And I get fed up of writing s/he or he/she. Sod it, in future I'm going to be a male chauvinist pig and call everyone he unless it's obvious. lol
CoolerKing, May 24 2001

       ...ahem...upside down v is <lambda>...   

       <gamma> looks like a backwards 7   

       (in upper case greek only, for both of those letters)   

mihali, May 25 2001

       ^ pet peaves - I like that.
thumbwax, May 25 2001

       ...nothing to do with XY-Man, I suppose? (yes, and XX-Woman)
hippo, May 25 2001

       hippo stole my joke. *pout..   

       Well..well, Pi looks like an x turned into a table! Sorry, it's the best I could do on such short notice.
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005


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