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Game Death Ads

product placement at the point of avatar death
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This would be a service that places ads in the seconds after your avatar dies in a video game. I'm not sure what kind of ads would work here, maybe ads for suicide prevention, or for funeral services, or maybe you could just try regular ads, although it might associate negative feelings with products. But in a lot of video games there is an unnecessary pause after you die, I think we've been over this before here, and I think it was suggested that the video game developers take out the pause after death, and/or reward the player for dieing by elevating them to a higher level instead of punishing them. But you could also use the negativity of the death and the artificial pause to associate products with the feeling of frustration, which may actually be what is addicting people to the game, sort of like flappy bird. But the product placement should happen associated with the death, so as a part of the physics of the game resulting from the death and then fading away as life fades away from the avatar. I guess negative advertizing is out of the question, but that would be probably the most powerful thing would be to associate the brand of your rival with the feeling of death at the end of a video game.

Oh wait you could do negative political ads.

JesusHChrist, Aug 06 2017


       "Vote Clinton, and you and your family and friends will be hacked to death and eaten by rabid zombie orcs" ...   

       Yes, that might well work. Worth a try.
8th of 7, Aug 06 2017

       Comfort foods. You could advertise comfort foods. [+]
pertinax, Aug 07 2017


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