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Expo Hostess

Because that's what expos are all about anyways.
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Oh, hostesses. Those seductive, scarcely dressed ladies for whom guys drull all their saliva. Every company hires a couple of these perfect-looking female "representatives" for product sampling, to gracefully hand out brochures or accurately give information or directions in many companies' new year parties or social events, but mostly for expos.

These girls, mercenaries for any brand, are willing to smile chronically and wear all the make up it takes to make it look like they're worth every cent of the pay they'll get from their ephimeral employer.

Truth is, Expos are all about hostesses. Men couldn't care less about the products or services shown there; they just want to see the beauties. So, why not go straight to the point and create: Expo Hostess.

First: every girl/ group of girls could have her booth/stand (how do you call it?) in the expo. This way, they would no longer have to wait for a PR company to "pimp" them so they can get a job.

Secondly: Hostesses could meet potential employers directly. Guys won't need to eat those disgusting samples just to talk to the hostess. No need to be hipocritical. Everybody is happy

Also, hostesses are always selling other people's products. They should be able to do that for themselves.

Pericles, Aug 28 2005


       How does this differ from the escort services already available in most cities?   

       P.S. I take it you didn't enjoy the trade show?
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       Hola [DrC]. In the currently available services, hostesses are hired through PR companies. This means they cost more to the client and the girls make less money because PR companies keep a percentage of the money they charge for the work of each hostess. This way, there are no intermediaries and hostesses would keep all the money they worked for.   

       Also, they would get to work more often because their service is not as expensive as it would have been through a PR company.
Pericles, Aug 28 2005

       There's always going to be a pimp somewhere in the picture when it comes to this type of service.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       Not necessarily.
Pericles, Aug 28 2005

       //Those seductive, scarcely dressed ladies for whom guys drull all their saliva\\   

       //perfect-looking female "representatives"\\   

       // they're worth every cent\\   

       //These girls, mercenaries for any brand, are willing \\   

       What a sad world you live in. I advise you to communicate with people instead of drooling over "babes" it is so much more mature.
zeno, Aug 29 2005

       Pssst! Zeno! Pericles a) is a girl and b) has her tongue in her cheek...   

       Pericles - What you seem to be suggesting is that these hostesses should promote themselves from agency workers to freelances, cutting out the middleman. One problem here is that the clients usually prefer to rely on an agency to handle their bookings as it is less work for them. Further, if one of the girls approaches the end client directly, even if she does get some work representing them, she will lose all of her agency work as soon as the agency finds out. Of course, this is a route most successful freelances have trodden. How do you get good clients? Work for an agency and then poach their clients off them as opportunities arise. It's a hard trick to pull off, but it is possible. Of course, they could form a partnership agency with all girls receiving a cut of the profits, but hostessing tends to be too transient for these arrangements to hold up. Anyway - good idea, full of pitfalls, good luck to them [+].
wagster, Aug 29 2005

       zeno, you really should know who you are addressing. No "babe" on Earth gots notin over our Pericles!
blissmiss, Aug 29 2005

       Make sure they pay on the door - I'm anticipating vast numbers of men wih no intention of employing these girls at all, except possibly as trampolines...
moomintroll, Aug 29 2005

       oops hehe.
zeno, Aug 30 2005

       zeno - no offense taken. The intention of the idea aims the treatment of women as workers, not as "prostitutes", assuming that the "middleman" promoting them is something like a pimp. I've been that middleman a coulple of times, when hostesses have been required by clients, and I know they could do much better without an intermediary.   

       bliss - Gracias!   

       moom- oh, there's no expo without an entrance fee. This money would also go straight to the girls pockets. If they want to pay just to greet the girls, well, it was money well invested.   

       wagster- the things you point out are true.. but I think sometimes it's worth it to try things out, even if it's against the odds.
Pericles, Aug 30 2005

       So we are of the same mind after all, [pericles]. Just read your profile so now I know better and understand your satire. Have changed my vote to bun.
zeno, Aug 30 2005

       I saw an ad for an animal vivisectionist expo from the 60's that had a playboyesque bunny hostess. it was quite unnerving. i have it somewhere.
benfrost, Aug 30 2005

       Ben... That explains a lot about you.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 10 2010


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