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Game of Pow

Pow: Like Golf, but with an explosive punch.
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The Game of Pow:

A Pow course would be have to be huge, double the size of most Golf Courses. Also I suspect only the quite wealthy could play it (thus I exclude myself from playing my own game). Here is the idea:

Each player has one large iron ball lined with lead. It would be heavy enough that an average to large sized man could not roll it without being obvious. The players would set their ball randomly at a numbered origin and make out to get their balls to a destination of the same number. How you would get the balls around is the fun part. Each player would have brought a selection of choice explosives. He would set the explosives underneath or around the ball in order to propel it in the desired direction. Tec Savvy players could use remote detonators, some could use old school blasting caps or fuses, whatever their preference. The terrain would make for interesting challenges: rock, water, or sand could seriously affect a players’ next detonation so planning would be key. Buggies would be necessary, probably with tracks like a tank, so that a player’s explosives could be toted around and so that balls could be transported from one destination to the next origin.

The pro shop could sell a variety of incendiary devices and protective goggles, or body wear.

“Hey Smith, Nice Armour!” “Thanks, It’s Nike’s latest.” Etc.

LED Prism, Oct 04 2006

Artillery Golf Artillery_20Golf
Prior Art [8th of 7, Mar 04 2008]


       nice one, truly halfbaked. It could never come to exist in reality, due to liability issues, etc, but we all wish it could.   


       By the way, why is the iron ball lined with lead? wouldn't a lead ball lined with iron be better? or better yet, a steel ball...
Custardguts, Oct 05 2006

       Presumably this game is played only on desert scrub land, estuarial marsh, or blasted beaches. Clearly there is no need for mown fairways or manicured greens. I'm wondering what the environmentalists will have to say about this disruption to ecological soft spots.
jurist, Oct 05 2006

       Or, you could attach rockets of varying thrust onto them. [+]
apocalyps956, Oct 05 2006

       fantastic! +
pigtails_and_ponies, Oct 05 2006

       This is a game I would play. I can also forsee a backyard "mini-Pow" game using simple firecrackers. +
Noexit, Oct 05 2006

       Travel Pow.
Texticle, Oct 05 2006

       Custard: I thought a solid iron ball would crack so I said "line it with lead" to absorb some shock of detonation.
LED Prism, Oct 06 2006

       Solid _steel_, unless a profoundly unsuitable grade/treatment, would not crack. Solid iron would be a poor choice.
Texticle, Oct 06 2006

       [Texticle], Travel Pow had me in stitches. Imagine that as a children's travel passtime. As if electronic games played by kids in the back seat weren't irritating enough for the driver, imagine driving to random detonations from somewhere inside the car. I pictured the Travel Pow as a clay/PlayDoh surface, under a plexiglass screen. You would set the firecracker, close the lid, and detonate it with a remote. Then open it, set another firecracker... Hours of fun on the road!
Veho, Oct 06 2006

       Holy crap... FOOOOOOOOOOOOUR!
futurebird, Mar 03 2008

       I think the adhoc use of any kind of explosives would make this game too variable. It should be played with cannons mounted in the back of the golf carts. The cannons are muzzle loaders and part of the skill is in the proper loading of the cannon, choice of wadding, powder etc. The cannon must be aimed and one might use surveyors tools to help with this. Finally, the firing and location of the cannonball. Chip shots might require some excavation to retrieve the ball if fired at 88-89 degrees from vertical.   

       "Playing through" would have new meaning.   

       A virtual version could be a lot of fun too. One could use the computerized terrain from a golf game and just graft in Artillery.
bungston, Mar 03 2008

       // cannons mounted in the back of the golf carts //   

       see <link>   

8th of 7, Mar 04 2008

       Courses could be built on future quarry sites. Or you could just play it in an active quarry, where you don't place the explosive, you place the ball near a scheduled explosion to propel it towards a target.
marklar, Mar 04 2008

       Instead of skipping one, two, and three, Holy crap... FOOOOOOOOOOOORE!
Giblet, Mar 05 2008

       I am still thinking. This could be bakeable. One would use (rent) artillery pieces using compressed air: big splatball guns. One could adjust compression used instead of fooling with black powder. The splatballs would be heavy enough at cannonball size. With this mod the idea actually becomes a doable deal. One could rent a golf course and really play, because it would not now destroy the course.
bungston, Mar 05 2008


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