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Gamified Dynamic Pathogen Risk Maps

Pedestrian maps to show risk gradient clouds in color patterns in real time, like Ingress "exotic matter", and gamify Covid-19 avoidance.
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So, Google Maps is already collecting geo-location data about phones moving along roads to predict traffic congestions.

It would be quite simple to allow Google Maps users to self-evaluate (after they know their Covid-19 status), and share that info with Google Maps. The Google Maps could then be used to generate near real-time heat map probability clouds (a bit like in Niantic Ingress) to help people navigate around areas displaying higher risk.

People with higher risk scores then may also be prevented from entering gatherings of healthy people, without having them quarantined at home.

Navigating around risk (or probability of getting infected) clouds would allow to get around safer, just like driving around obstacles.

With that, one could imagine also gamifying that, for example, with Niantic Ingress version for Covid-19, where the "XM" (exotic matter) is of the negative type -- one that you don't have to go collect, but one that you have to stay away from to prevent one's user from suffering lower game score. Imagine that once you contact with this red "XM", your user gets itself "warmer" (redder) and then gets cooler over time of 2 weeks.

Mindey, Sep 23 2020

John Wayne Gacy https://en.wikipedi...iki/John_Wayne_Gacy
"Call me Pennywise... " [8th of 7, Sep 24 2020]


       If the Google probability cloud map colors were instead reversed, such that an infected zone appeared soothingly safe, healthy people could unknowingly navigate to areas of maximum infection, the "Covid numbers" would spike dramatically, then drop like a bomb and we'd be back to normalcy. Whatever that was.
whatrock, Sep 23 2020

       [whatrock], it would require not just reversal of colors, and even the inversal of distribution wouldn't be enough, because the distribution of people is generally spiky, and covers much smaller areas than the remaining uninhabited space. For something like the reversal of that kind to happen, one would have to fabricate an alternative distribution.
Mindey, Sep 23 2020

       Seems like they're already doing something like this somewhere, not necessarily in Google Maps, but another app perhaps.
RayfordSteele, Sep 23 2020

       //People with higher risk scores then may also be prevented//   

       Authoritarianism has killed, is killing, and will continue to kill more people than all viruses.
Voice, Sep 24 2020

       ^ (+)   

       ^ (+)
sninctown, Sep 24 2020

       ^ (+)   

       (Because it's true, but not because we oppose all authoritarianism per se - only the incompetent sort you humans seem to delight in. And excel at).   

       This could be extended to include other potentially dangerous bugs, and for some would be very simple to implement - for example, C. tetani and C. botulinum would be "Pretty much the entire land surface of the planet".
8th of 7, Sep 24 2020

       // Authoritarianism has killed, is killing, and will continue to kill more people than all viruses.   

       Regarding privacy footprint, the infected are the minority, damage minimal. The infected ones who want to remain anonymous could use specialized color-coded clothing that masks their identity from prying eyes, and makes them stand out.
Mindey, Sep 24 2020

       ...such as wearing sackcloth and rags, ringing a bell, and calling out "Unclean ! Unclean ! " as they walk... ?   

       Or how about a reverse "Plague Doctor" costume ? Beak on the inside ?
8th of 7, Sep 24 2020

       // sackcloth and rags or reverse "Plague Doctor" costume   

       Think, what you'd like to wear. I think red-colored masks and one-way mirror glasses with red-frames would do it... But we have bespoke clown outfits too, that are made specifically to scare kids away.
Mindey, Sep 24 2020

       "Pogo the Clown lives ! "   

8th of 7, Sep 24 2020

       // This could be extended to include other potentially dangerous bugs   

       Yeah, that generalization intended in the title, cause, if we have a tool that helps navigate around risk, it better be more universal. The places that have malaria or zika-carrying mosquitoes would definitely have to have elevated ambient risk reflected in the pathogen risk maps.
Mindey, Sep 24 2020


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