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Google Maps for Pilots

Pre-fly your route
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I recently discovered the “3-D” button on Google maps. It gives a “flight” of your intended route <link>. The only caveat is that it follows roads only. I would love to see it be able to “fly” a flight path. Many pilots that I know are fearful about flying from the East Coast to the West Coast and vice versa, fearing the Rockies and the Sierras. A sectional map gives contours, but not a pilot’s eye view. A “flight” would familiarize the pilots with how the terrain looks in flight.

Google Earth does have the hidden flight simulator [ctrl] [alt][a], but it doesn’t slew as fast as Google maps. Even flying the F-16 can take a lot of time. It also does not allow for waypoints.

Google maps could let you choose a departure/destination, climb/descent rate, altitude, speed, slew rate and waypoints. There is a website <link> that allows planning, but doesn’t give a visual picture of the actual flight like Google Maps allows.

Klaatu, Feb 21 2013

A short flight on the Historic Columbia River State Trail https://maps.google...15&vpsrc=6&lci=bike
Click on the "3D" button in the directions pane on the left. Enjoy the flight! [Klaatu, Feb 21 2013]

KSLE-KHRV in an RV-12 http://www6.landing...d=100&trackwidth=10
Great information, no flight. [Klaatu, Feb 21 2013]

Track your flight http://flightaware.com/live/fleet/UAL
Still, not what I want [Klaatu, Feb 21 2013]


       I just use FSX. It simulates the terrain and the airspace, navaids, and all of the airports.
DIYMatt, Feb 21 2013

       [DIYMatt] I don't have FSX. I do have Google.
Klaatu, Feb 21 2013

       I'm guessing Google Runway View wouldn't go down to well with traffic control "get that effing camera car off the runway!" etc
not_morrison_rm, Feb 21 2013


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