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A site devoted to gleeful celebration of mortality.
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www.danceontheirgraves.com would allow people to find the graves of unpopular people so they can travel to the site and celebrate that this person has died.

It would sell physical maps, T-shirts with pictures of peoples' tombstones and have legal FAQs on what can actually be done at someone's grave. Advice on dance moves and music would also be a possibility.

Ships would be chartered to cater for people who had been buried at sea, airships would be chartered for people whose ashes were scattered from the air and the site would lobby for no further space burials ...

Also profits from the websites would be devoted to buying ballrooms and offering burial space beneath them for free for the least popular living people to help with the demand that grave dancing might have on working cemetaries.

Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

Not Like This Site: Dancing on their Graves http://www.zuccaro.com/6_0.html
In an obligatory Google search I found this site which only shows who has died earlier than you. [Aristotle, Aug 13 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bless her, the Queen of Hearts http://www.althorp....lebration/index.asp
Only £10 per adult, but we could get a family ticket for £25 [-alx, Aug 13 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The URL is now taken! http://www.danceontheirgraves.com/
Mind you it's just being "parked" and not actually used. [Aristotle, Jan 15 2009]


       I already know where that Spencer bint's grave is, but I don't think they'd let me near it. Would your site give free legal advice in the case of charges being brought?
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       I did say there would be legal FAQs but, now that you mention it, prehaps selling specialised legal insurance would be a good idea too.
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       Marvellous idea.   

       I remember whilst doing A level English, a few of us were making plans to travel to Shakespeare's grave to dance (and possibly piss) on it. Sadly, we never got round to it.
-alx, Aug 13 2001

       Of course there would be huge contraversy over whose grave deserves to be danced on as the fact that someone is interested enough to dislike someone means that someone else will like him. I'm a bit of a fan of Shakespeare, for example, but there is a certain grocer's daughter's grave I'll be in the queue for when she pops her cloggs.
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       True enough. There's a certain non-seatbelt-wearing aristocrat whose grave I would have liked to have can-canned on, were it not for the controversy it might cause.   

       Actually, that's a lie. It was the price of tickets that held me back.
-alx, Aug 13 2001

       -alx, Aristotle, if you're up for a party, I'll bring the beers, guys. We may have to wait a while for the Iron Lady, but if we head for the Sacred Grove of Our Blessed Lady of the Land-Mines and just hang about drinking (and dancing) for long enough, we should have very full bladders by the time the senile old crone shuffles off the mortal coil. Is three the maximum number before the Criminal Justice Act kicks in, do you know?
Guy Fox, Aug 13 2001

       Yeah, a danceontheirgraves.com organised trip to Althorp. It's what everybody needs!   

       btw, if any of you think Thatcher's going any time soon, I think you'll be sorely disappointed. She's one of the undead, like the Queen Mum, and most likely we'll never be shot of her.
-alx, Aug 13 2001

       Urrk, now that would be a *real* challenge. The woman whose death caused the "Flambe de Liberty" in Paris to be hi-jacked as her memorial is probably just too hot a target. Her grave was chosen to be involiate and if anyone got past the swan guards to do a spot of dancing it would be considered an act of treason.   

       It would have to be a 3 am in the morning job. We would need a portable boat and pre-signed declarations of insanity from our doctors. And yes, three people is the number of people you need to have before you are classified as New-Age Travellers and therefore subject to extreme police brutality.
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       Aristotle: I think there`ll be a bit of a queue for that one, headed by Elvis Costello!
Pallex, Aug 13 2001

       I have heard that the Iron Lady is well aware that a lot of people want to dance on her grave and she apparently has opted for a burial at sea. This is why I mentioned chartering ships for such occurances.
Aristotle, Aug 13 2001

       How about Stalin? Added bonus: He's in a glass case.
phoenix, Aug 13 2001

       Thought for the day: "How many Angles can dance on the headstone of a PM?"
st3f, Aug 13 2001

       That's a rather obtuse question.
-alx, Aug 13 2001

       Now Stalin is even more difficult as he actually has armed guards who watch for any potential violation of his rest. If I remember correctly even cameras are banned from his mausoleum and so dancing shoes stand no chance.
Aristotle, Aug 14 2001

       Isn't it Lenin that's in glass? Or is Stalin out on display as well?   

       And St Threef: the answer to your question (nice one) is "Not many. They can't get near it for the Celts."
Guy Fox, Aug 14 2001

       Guy Fox: Oops, it was Lenin.
Aristotle, Aug 14 2001

       Some of the issues raised here could be solved by dancing on the person's body prior to burial, or indeed death.
danilo, Aug 14 2001

       Coffins being an ideal platform for tap dancing and all...
-alx, Aug 14 2001

       Not so much a 'Shuffle-Off-To-Buffalo' as a 'Shuffle-Off-This-Mortal-Coil'.
Guy Fox, Aug 14 2001

       Perhaps you could make an agreement with the local maximum security prisons, to convert the bodies of murderes into parquet tiles for the grand promenade.   

       Deciding who should serve as bathroom tiles might also be rather interesting.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 15 2009

       Epitaph: "Feel free to dance. I did."
Spacecoyote, Jan 15 2009


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