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Gaming Ereader

Play games and read books
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This idea involves a regular e-reader, wich features a touchscreen and gaming controls built in, and an e ink display, it would be designed to play games, and it would be aimed at a young audience to get them to read books on a device that can play games, the gaming controls would also be useful interactive books.

Since the device device uses an e ink display, the device would feature a really good battery life, some e-readers can last up to 1 or 2 weeks with a single charge, e readers tend to be also cheap, so this device could be much cheaper than an smartphone, tablet and handheld consoles.

And if you are worring about the refreshing rate, there is software to make the refresh rate faster, there are also videos of e-reader devices emulating games at a good speed, so this device should be able to play action games fine.

appdirect, Jul 30 2014


       It will depend on the game. There is a maximum physical speed at which the pixels of an e-reader can be changed. Many games (say, Tetris) are slow enough that that max refresh rate would be fine, but other games simply won't be tolerable on an e-ink screen.
Vernon, Jul 30 2014

       Your amazing battery life isn't so amazing if you are refreshing the page several times a second. E-Ink is perfect for a e-reader because it takes power to change the image, but no power to maintain the image. And your cheap price may go up if it has a processor that can handle more than just book- reading.
scad mientist, Jul 30 2014

       sp. //get them to play games on a device that can read books//   

       None of them are actually going to read anything, admit it. They won’t even read the plot summary at the beginning of the game.
pocmloc, Jul 31 2014


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