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Gangsta Ræppende in ye Olde Englisc

from the new school to the gamolscól
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Hippe-hoppe culture successfully reinvents conventions of the past into new and exciting artforms. There is also an especial interest in "old english" lettering and calligraphy.

When rap/hip-hop music first emerged on the scene in America approximately some 20-30 years ago, few imagined it would become a musical style that would be appreciated and emulated the world around. (On a side, but not entirely unrelated note, there are now even neo-Nazi rappers in Germany. (!))

Some critics have argued that the movement has outgrown its utility and that contemporary hip-hop and rap music is growing increasingly stagnant and devoid of innovation. Returning to the very origins of English would not only remedy this particular issue by reinvigorating the industry, but create an entirely new genre: ["Histo-hop"? needs a name].

Plus, as old English is considerably more homogenous than modern English, there is a smaller range of morphemes, which makes finding rhymes much easier.

Hwelc éow híert is náht ác fandung! /
Ac þéos níwe glíwdréam þu wilt bist þancung.

Word tó éower módor.

nihilo, Jun 13 2006

The origin of rap http://www.africawi...u/origin_of_rap.htm
[nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Old English lettering in hip hop culture http://images.googl...tattoos&btnG=Search
[nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Old English Dictionary http://home.comcast...me_dictionaries.htm
[nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Comparing rap music to Old English poetry http://cuip.uchicag...ap_port/OE_home.htm
[nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Nazi Rap? http://www.nytimes....ss&pagewanted=print
other strangely unlikely yet popular musical bedfellows... [nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Roots of Hip-hop http://en.wikipedia...ts_of_hip_hop_music
[nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Old English morphology http://en.wikipedia..._English_morphology
(for dummies) [nihilo, Jun 13 2006]

Éower módor listens to rap music!! http://i6.tinypic.com/14ccr9g.gif
T-shirts for the fashion backward. [nihilo, Jun 14 2006]

The Rap Canterbury Tales http://www.babasword.com
Chaucer hip-hopified [DocBrown, Jun 14 2006]

Blackadder 2 - Episode 5 "Beer" http://ics.leeds.ac...der=1192&paper=1197
For anyone who's mystofoed by the exchange between me and wagster. Clearly we've both got memories like a goldfish though as we both misquoted. Tush! [DrBob, Jun 14 2006]

Se cnihtas ðe secgað "NI" http://lorien.sdsu....~carroll/shrub.html
What's Anglosaxon for shrubbery? [nineteenthly, Dec 02 2007]


       it's not like i can understand rap lyrics to begin with.
tcarson, Jun 13 2006

       It used to be "if the music's too loud, you're too old!" But now "old" is the new "new". If the music's too olde, you're too níwe.
nihilo, Jun 13 2006

       Didn't they do something sorta like this in the opening of Mel Brooks's _Robin_Hood_ _Men_In_Tights_?
baconbrain, Jun 13 2006

       Him's gõde bið Cyninge. (It's good to be King)?
reensure, Jun 14 2006

       This is such a good idea i think i might pass out from excitement!
nineteenthly, Jun 14 2006

       I'm printing those old english "your mother" shirts to jump-start this movement. [link]
Who wants one?
nihilo, Jun 14 2006

       Nyce one, bloode!
wagster, Jun 14 2006

       I went to a rap show the other day. Not quite what is proposed here, but the chap had re-written the Canterbury Tales as raps. The show worked really well - see link.
DocBrown, Jun 14 2006

       Hot Sex Madrigal in my Tights.   

       <blackadder> "It's just a short step from 'beshrew me' to 'hey nonny-nonny!' and then I shall have to call the police." </ba>
DrBob, Jun 14 2006

       <percy> Hey nonny-nonny Blackadder! There's sombody at the door! </p>
wagster, Jun 14 2006

       I think I'd have more chance of understanding Old English than rap, so [+] for you.
Spacecoyote, Dec 01 2007

       Ic wolde eac ða uuordas for Guðicum songum on ðaere Guðicum gereorden awritan. To ðaem bigspel, Kelikn Swintheins (oððe sumhwaet) bi So Apaustaulei.
nineteenthly, Dec 01 2007

       WTF?! Can both the [ni]'s speak old english?
wagster, Dec 01 2007

       Wit sind ða cnihtas ðe secgað "NI"!
nineteenthly, Dec 02 2007

       //Wit sind ða cnihtas ðe secgað "NI"!// And we demand a shrubbery?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 02 2007


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