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Glacier Concerto

Fine for cities and villages near mountains
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Glaciers are in constant motion. They crack and break and twist and flow.

This sheer power of nature is also a sonoric one. Embed small microphones into the glaciers and beam the moanings of the ice giants to the town below.

I liked "Whale Sounds, Vol. 2", but "Glacier Concerto 1" may be nice too.

django, Aug 21 2004


       The songs of an endangered species.
FarmerJohn, Aug 21 2004

       yep. As if it is lamenting its own disappearance...
django, Aug 21 2004

       It'd take a while to listen to.
swimr, Aug 21 2004

       I think the glacier songs might be very low frequency. You might need to speed them up to make them audible. Down where the icebergs calf, I bet there is a lot of bergish moaning and wailing.
bungston, May 02 2006

       Surprised this hasn't been done, frnkly. Bun.
moomintroll, Jun 04 2006

       Who's frnkly?
skinflaps, Jun 04 2006

       I like this.[+]
skinflaps, Jun 04 2006

       According to Shackleton, icebergs cracking can release audible sound like massive thunder - truly powerful and immensely loud crashes, cracks, moans, bangs, etc.   

       would probably mess up my dreams.
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       To achieve this you could install an array of large contact mics throughout the glacier and have each mic feed into a corresponding speaker in a large circular room nearby.   

       The room would be set up as a kind of communal space, so people from around the town could gather there to read, meet, or just listen to the glaciers.   

       To keep the sound interesting and also not scare anyone or damage the speakers, the signals from the mics would be compressed and limited to an extent that they would still sound natural but also audible even at times of little movement.
Joolin, Jul 29 2010

       Sweeet (+)


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